IELTS Speaking Strategies for the IELTS Test

IELTS Speaking Strategies for the IELTS Test

IELTS Speaking Strategies for the IELTS Test – Book. Best IELTS Preparation Materials and Practice Book for Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Get IELTS Materials , Tips, Tricks. Practice more and boost your score.

IELTS Speaking Strategies for the IELTS Test

Strategies For The IELTS IELTS Speaking Test is written primarily for those preparing to take the IELTS exam said, also suitable for those attending the exams in other words, those interviewed who go abroad want to enhance the ability to speak English fluently, and college students, professional students have English proficiency average.

The purpose of this book is compiled through more material practically speaking English speaking and other forms of diversity, through practical help for the learners master the skills of different languages spoken in the language to use different scenes, enhancing the ability to use the skills of their actual speaking, so that they can express fluently, clearly and precisely, to meet subsistence needs, learning and doing their work abroad in the future.

This book is divided into books for students (a total of 19 posts) and books for teachers (Answer exercises); Conversation, the practice questions in all 18 test samples in all 19 can talk together with tape. The content of each post basically consists of three parts:

Conversations (Conversations)

Focus language (Language Focus)

Exercise (Tasks)

Conversation: Through actual conversation just to learn how to use different speaking skills in different contexts. For example: how to introduce themselves, how to initiate a conversation, how to prolong the conversation, how to pose the question, answer the question and discussion, giving the invitation, expressing apology, dissatisfaction etc. …

Language focus: Are the specific speaking skills students should master. Also some wording appears in the form of talk, in every article adds other expressions, which expand knowledge of the spoken language of the reader.

Exercise: Based on the needs live, study and work abroad, combined with IELTS speaking test form, in every article offers a large amount of homework, paying special attention to the clearly expressed and fluency. Other forms of exercises are varied, for example, to satisfy exercises (oral, a role that in specific situations), group assignments, class activities, thematic presentations personal, games , etc …

To meet the needs of the IELTS speaking test, this book also introduces special content and form of the IELTS speaking test, how to prepare for the speaking, and also provides three test samples and said a large number of posts episode like the part of the test sample, such as thematic discussions, suggestions and questions can be asked in the exam said.

For learners to use this book more effectively, who compiled the proposal should first master the skills of expression in the book, practice many times, to be able to use exactly these skills in the actual context and expressing fluently and accurately.


so enjoy, IELTS Speaking Strategies For The IELTS Test.


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