IELTS Speaking Part 1: Noise


IELTS Speaking Part 1 with model answer. Specific topic basis Sample answer Collection.

Topic: Noise

  • Do you think there will be more and more noise?
  • Do you suffer from noise?
  • Can you work under noise?
  • What can you do about noise?
  • What kind of sound do you like and dislike?

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Question And Sample Answer:

Do you think there will be more and more noise?

Yes, I guess so. As there is busy traffic in the city, we hear the horns of the cars around us. Besides. the construction site is also the source of noise. If people are decorating their home, the noise will disturb others.

Do you suffer from noise?

Yes. My home is close to the street. and sometimes I can’t go to sleep at night as there is a market going on late into midnight.

Can you work under noise?

Yes. It doesn’t matter. I’m used to it. I can concentrate on my work, and if it is too noisy. I will put on my earphones to shut the noise out.

What can you do about noise?

I can do nothing about it. but the government should make rules and regulations. For example, there should be no noise after 10 pm. All the constructions should be halted at night.

What kind of sound do you like and dislike?

I really like the sound of creek in the forest, and I also like the meowing of my cats. I hate hearing the noise of air-conditioners. It drives me crazy.


You can Add More:

  • Noise pollution can cause just as many damaging effects on people’s health as other forms of pollution. Exposure to excessive noise can cause hearing loss, stress. lack of sleep. irritability, indigestion, heartburn, high blood pressure and ulcers.
  • Noise pollution can be unpleasant or even unbearable. It comes in many different forms. For Example. noise coming from a rock concert, or the sound of karaoke coming from your neighbors’ house can be regarded as noise pollution. No matter where the noise comes from, it makes everyone feel uncomfortable. Noise levels are measured in decibels. The quietest noise that a human ear can detect is OdB. The loudest that our ears can bear is 120dB. In noise environments, most people are easy to get angry and cannot sleep peacefully. Students cannot put their hearts into their studies. 80, noise pollution must be paid attention to so that everyone can live in a pleasant and peaceful world. pleasant and peaceful world.

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