IELTS Listening Test 7 – Section 4

Practice IELTS Listening Test Section 4

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IELTS Listening Test 7 Section 4

Test Instruction: SECTION 4. QUESTIONS 31-40

Complete the timeline below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS
for each answer.
1832 (31).
In her teens Alcott worked to (32).
At age 17 Alcott wrote (33).
(34)Alcott enlisted as an army nurse.
(35)Alcott published her letters in a book called Hospital Sketches.
(36)Alcott returned from her trip to Europe.
(37)Alcott published Little Women.
1879 (38)died.
(39)Alcott set up a home for her family in Boston.
1888 (40).

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