IELTS Listening Strategies for the IELTS Test

IELTS Listening Strategies for the IELTS Test

IELTS Listening Strategies for the IELTS Test – Book. Best IELTS Preparation Materials and Practice Book for Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Get IELTS Materials , Tips, Tricks. Practice more and boost your score.

IELTS Listening Strategies for the IELTS Test

This course has a total of more than 80 readings, after careful analysis of the IELTS exam, we divided into 7 sections readings according to the format recommended practicing reading: Matching the Headlings (Docking title text) , cloze (Fill in the boxes), multiple Choice (Select multiple items), tính tổng (Abstract), YES / nO / nOT GIVEN (Right, wrong, is not mentioned), Scanning for Answers (Quick answer) and Integrated Exercises (Exercise synthesis). Although the reader does not need to follow this order, but the format of the exercises recommended synthetic more diverse, so please become familiar with the exam format first and then do this next part.

Part exams in this book form a total of 6 threads. According to the contestants have done the exam and attend the IELTS exam, the subject of this harder and longer than the actual exam a bit, but not worth the difference. It is also the intention of the author when compiling this quiz. Readers can do this in practical requirements at each stage to observe the progress and identify their difficulties.

Readings in the IELTS exam other than English daily readings and readings in other English exams. Typically, reading is a way of gathering information, and the readings of the IELTS exam is through reading to solve specific problems. In other words, through reading to find out the answer of the question. In the process of learning and using English for many years, and they formed part of the students read their own. These readings may be very effective in study and work, but when applied to the IELTS exam can read them will be difficult because of factors such as time constraints, etc … form a special problem. Therefore, the authors suggest that when doing exercises in this book, we must first understand the instructions (instruction), clarifying the task (task), need to know to be completed in time for how long (suggested time), after that began to read. In this book, the reader should note looks to improve reading skills, and find out how to read format appropriate to each topic.

so enjoy, IELTS Listening Strategies For The IELTS Test.


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