IELTS Listening Books and Materials

IELTS Listening Books and Materials

Books and Materials For IELTS Listening Preparation for both Academic and General Training (GT) Module. These Books and Preparation materials will help you to prepare for your IELTS Exam and boost your score.


IELTS Listening Preparation Materials



10 test IELTS Listening – Fan Yang (CD Audio and eBook)

15 Day listening – (CD Audio Only)

80 days to overcome IELTS Listening – Chres Green

A Experience of IELTS Candidate Band 8.5


Essential Listening for IELTS Test – John a Gordon

How to solve the IELTS listening post questions in the keywords

IELTS Listening – China Machine Press

IELTS Listening – Eve Bower

IELTS Listening – Lu Qiao Mei

IELTS Listening – TianJun University Press

IELTS Listening battle strategy

IELTS Listening Comprehension – Higher Education Press

IELTS Listening directly to 6 pm

IELTS Listening Leader – Justine Ball – IELTS 9

IELTS Listening Practice Test – Beijing (12 test)

IELTS Listening Test 13 hidden rules – Xiang Jie

IELTS names appear in the probability of a higher frequency of

IELTS Practice Listening Test – BeiJing University Press

Key to success in IELTS Listening Test – Global IELTS School

Listening fluently numbers and letters

Listening Strategies for the IELTS Test


Solving IELTS Listening Difficulties






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