IELTS Cue Card 62: Describe A Book That You Read And Decided To Read It Again

Describe A Book That You Read And Decided To Read It Again

IELTS speaking cue card with sample answer. Describe A Book That You Read And Decided To Read It Again. IELTS Speaking Task 2.

Describe A Book That You Read And Decided To Read It Again

You should say:

  • What book it was?
  • What the book was about?
  • Why you read it?
  • What you learned from this book?

And explain why you would like to read it again

Model Answer:

I have read many books but here I would like to talk about the Wings of Fire” by Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. That is a very good book. My friend got this book as a prize when she participated in a declamation contest. It is Dr Kalam’s auto-biography. It was first published in 1999. This book became popular only after Dr. Kalam became the president of India. He was sworn in as the president of India on 25th July 2002. Mr Arun Tiwari helped Dr Kalam in writing the book. Dr. Kalam says why he wrote his autobiography. This book is very motivating. From this book I came to know all about the life and achievements of Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. Dr Kalam was born in a very poor family in the southern parts of India at Rameshwaram. The reason why I admire him is that his life shows how & ordinary boy from a deprived class (poor family) could reach the highest level of the nation. He became not only the best rocket engineer but also the first citizen of the nation. It is true that he described his posting as the president as a piece of luck, but his achievement as a rocket engineer were absolutely because of sheer hard work. He is role model for one & all. The success of Dr Kalam depended on the fact that he was willing to grow daily. He learned everything that come to him &was looking for thing to learn. The real success of Dr.Kalam is in his application of the discipline, what he learned, in other fields also. That is why he could contribute to artificial limbs of lesser weight. In him we find a person with insatiable quest for knowledge & with great love for suffering fellow beings. Unfortunately, we don’t have Dr Kalam with us today, but he will live in the hearts of all Indians. I would like to read this book again, because it is a very motivating book.