IELTS Cue Card 60: Describe A Useful Plant In Your Country

Describe A Useful Plant In Your Country

IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Sample Answer. Describe A Useful Plant In Your Country.  IELTS Speaking Part 2 With Model Answer.

Describe A Useful Plant In Your Country

You should say:

– What is this plant?
– How did you first learn about it?
– Why is it so important?

Model Answer 1:

Now I am going to describe a rice. Rice is one of the most important agricultural plant s in my area. It is one year plant which is grown from July to October in plantations. Rice needs plain fields and a lot of water which are ideal features of my region , Khorezm. Peasants grow rice mainly in two way either just from seeds or transplanting . The latter way is more common as this help farmers to save two various crops in a year.

I appreciate this plant greatly because this is one of the main nutritional products in my area. Every farmer tries to harvest rise . As the result of mass planting of rice, it has more affordable price in market which every resident can enjoy rice foods.

As you know, rice grows in water and its plantation must always be full water. There fore rice field should be near water provision such as close to channel or river. Apart from that, the farm should be plain otherwise it can not keep water evenly for a long time .

In October the crop is ready to be harvested. Farmers usually save it with combines or most families do it manually as they have rather small fields.

Model Answer 2:

I would like to talk about the Egyptian cotton which my country is very famous or. This plant is cultivated on a large scale in most agricultural regions in Egypt and is harvested by individual farmers at a certain point of its growth stages. The fertile soil and the warm weather are accessible all the year around to help farmers to grow huge quantities of cotton for exporting purposes and clothing industry.

I feel proud of my Egyptian cotton because it became a symbol and reflection of the premier quality product as whenever I travel to any destination I find unique clothes and supplementary products which labeled “made of Egyptian cotton” .The government is paying attention to the agriculture in general and to the cotton planting in particular and it provides the farmers with continues financial aids and continues support.

Needless to say that the Egyptian cotton is a great source of income for my country as it is the finest quality cotton all over the world as a result it is being exported in high prices for most European counties and a lot of international trades are becoming more popular depending on the cotton’s fabrics. Clothing manufacturing is a fundamental industry which employs a huge number of people so that planting cotton is very important in Egypt.

Model Answer 3:

I can tell you about Periwinkle, commonly known as Sada Bahar in my country. It’s one of the most popular plants here. It is an evergreen subshrub or herbaceous plant growing to 1 m tall. The leaves are oval to oblong, 2–9 cm long and 1–3 cm broad, glossy green, hairless, with a pale midrib and a short petiole; they are arranged in opposite pairs. The flowers are white to dark pink with a darker red centre. The fruit is a pair of follicles. In the wild, it is an endangered plant; the main cause of decline is habitat destruction by slash and burn agriculture. It is also however widely cultivated and is naturalised in subtropical and tropical areas of the world.
My first memory of this pink flower (which I later found out was called the periwinkle) was at my Grandmas place. Every morning she would water the sandy flower beds from which the periwinkles sprang up. I loved watching them nodding at the sun and dancing in the wind. Periwinkles grow perpetually all year through and are also available in shades of white and purple.
Periwinkle is very easy to grow. Just pluck a branch from another plant and stick it in well drained soil. Soon roots will grow and the pink flowers will multiply. I picked a four inch branch one year ago from someone’s garden and today I have a flowerbed overflowing with periwinkle flowers.
I think this is one of the most popular ornamental plants we have, and it is used in medicine as well. Today, the leaves and roots of the periwinkle are used in the pharmaceutical industry and in ayurvedic medicines to treat different diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

Model Answer 4:

I would like to talk about a plant called wheat. India is one of the conutry which grows wheat on large scale. Wheat is mostly produced in North India like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and is considered to be the staple food for them. Harvesting time of wheat is mid of April.

I like this crop for many reasons. Foremost is the health reason. Wheat helps in keeping a person fit and healthy. It helps in loosing weight. Moreover, it provides the good and healthy carbohydrates that are essential for human body. Desserts made up from wheat like halwa, wheat cake are very delicious. White floor is also produced by filtering the wheat floor. And in India, there are innumerable dishes that are prepared using white floor. To name some, there are gulab jamuns, pooris, kachauris; the list is endless.

Wheat is very important for our country. Firstly, it generates huge capital margins for India. Most of the North Indian farmers earn their living through this crop. Secondly, it is available at affordable price to everyone in our country. At nominal rates, one can get taste and health.