IELTS Cue Card 57: Talk About Some Happy News You Received About A Person You Know Well

Talk About Some Happy News You Received About A Person You Know Well

IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Sample Answer. Talk about some happy news you received about a person you know well.  IELTS Speaking Part 2 With Model Answer.

Talk About Some Happy News You Received About A Person You Know Well

You should say:

  • What was the news
  • What time you heard it
  • Who gave you the news

and explain how you felt about the news.

Use few rich vocabulary which will boost your score.


– Take a nap: take a short sleep, especially during the day.

Example: I usually take a nap after lunch.

Nominate: to formally suggest that somebody should be chosen for an important role, prize, position, etc.

Example: He was nominated as the best actor.

– Scholarship Committee: the committee in charge of reviewing and selecting recipients for university’s scholarship.

 Example: The Scholarship Committee has announced the list of scholarship recipients this semester.

– Sink in: be fully understood or realized.

Example: I was so surprised by the news of the disaster that it took a few moments to sink in.

 – Jump: to make a sudden movement because of surprise, fear or excitement. 281 Example: Her heart jumped when she heard the news.

– Leap: to move or do something suddenly and quickly.

Example: She leapt out of bed.

– Scream out loud: to give a loud, high cry, because you are hurt, frightened, excited, etc. (in this situation: excited).

Example: I screamed out loud when I saw my old friend.

 – Admission: the act of accepting somebody into an institution, organization, etc.; the right to enter a place or to join an institution or organization.

 Example: She failed to gain admission to the university of her choice.

– Burden: a duty, responsibility, etc. that causes worry, difficulty or hard work. Example: His illness placed a heavy financial burden on his family.

 – Grant: a sum of money to be used for a particular purpose – in this case, given by the university to pay for my education during that semester.

Example: The University awarded me a grant, which enabled me to undertake a new piece of research.

 Model Answer 1:

I’m going to talk about the time when I received the official notification of my scholarship to study in Japan over a year ago. It’s been a long time but I can still remember that day so well. At the time I got the news, I was taking a quick nap, then the alert sound from my phone woke me up. A new email had arrived.

It was an email from the International Affairs Office of a university in Japan informing me that I had been chosen to receive a scholarship during my exchange semester there. Several months before that day, I had applied for an academic exchange program in this university, they had accepted my application and nominated me to the Scholarship Committee.

So, when I received this email, it took my brain a few seconds for this news to sink in, and then my heart suddenly jumped. I leapt out of my bed and screamed out loud, because I was extremely excited. I had been waiting for this email for two months since I gained the admission. If I hadn’t won the scholarship, my living expenses would have become a heavy financial burden for my parents, but thanks to the monthly grants that I received from the university, I could really enjoy my time in Japan without worrying about financial problems. Even now, I still keep this lucky email in my mailbox to remind me of that day.

 Model Answer 2:

After I finished my graduation, I applied for 2-3 jobs and faced the interviews in these companies. One day I got a phone call from one of the companies from the HR department and the caller confirmed that I was hired for the job I applied for. This was a very exciting and good news for me as I was expecting to start a job so eagerly.

I did not know the person who called me at that time but later I found that he was the head of the human resources department of the company and his name was Kane. I heard it in (…say a year i.g. 2004…) and it was probably June.
My parents and relatives wanted me to get involved in a job right after my graduation and I felt the same. Some of my classmates were already doing jobs and I thought I should start a job as well. After I got the job confirmation call, I was very excited and happy. The first job confirmation, in my opinion, is very significant and exhilarating and I felt no less. I was so happy that I instantly confirmed that I’d be joining the job from the next week. Then I shared the news with my parents and sisters and they were very happy as well.
Model Answer 3:
Everyone wants to live a better life and some good news can tremendously change the course of their lives. It is only some good news that can affect the mental faculty of human beings and bring some good luck for them as well. I also heard a couple of good news last month and got relieved on the issues I was worried about.

live in a nuclear family in Singapore. I have five family members and I am the eldest among the two other siblings of mine. The smallest one was worried about the admission in a college, while the only sister of mine, who was born after me, was concerned about her university admission. Both of them have applied for the admission tests to a local college and a public university but they were concerned about the result that if they would secure the marks to get a seat. By the same time, my father was experiencing some troubles in his business. So, the entire condition of my family was awful and each of the members was affected by mental torments. So, when we heard the bunch of good news, all the tensions were windup and the happy and peaceful environment returned once again.

I was at my office, where I work as an executive and I heard the news from my mom, a homemaker. She informed me that my siblings have got chances for admission in their desired college and university respectively. Now they need to appear for a formal interview with their respective authorities and have to show their documents. Then they will be permitted to get admitted to the institutions. Apart from this, she also informed me about that my dad has got rid of the troubles. In fact, he was suffering the problem for about a month. Some of his imported goods from Russia were barred entering in Singapore as some of the documents against the purchase were missing. The port authority needed the documents to release the imported goods. So, dad tried his best to convince the agencies in Russia to send the documents again. They delayed sending the documents which caused the trouble.

For all the troubles, my entire family was unbalanced. All of the members here got worried about the issues. So, once the troubles are gone, my mom informed the issue to other relatives of us. Despite being a nuclear family, we maintain a close tie with our relatives. We share our happiness and sorrows with them. Most of the relatives live in a scattered manner in the locality of Woodlands in Singapore where we live now. So, they were also happy to hear the news. They all congratulated us, especially my siblings received much appreciation from all of them for their success in securing admissions in the college and university. My father was also happy as he would get back his imported goods. He went to Russia to order for the products and did the other necessary things so that the products could reach Singapore within the budgeted time and in good condition.

I was strongly affected with the bunch of good news. As an active member of my family, I share a close bond with everyone. When I see them worried, it becomes difficult for me to tolerate. I actually cannot see the faces filled with nervousness, and even often my mom made mistakes in cooking. For her tensions over the entire troubles of the family, she turned inattentive in her daily chores and even cooking became difficult for her. My dad was so tensed that he started smoking cigarettes again while my younger sister and brother started maintaining unusual silence. So, it became impossible for me to tolerate the mental torments of my family members. When the troubles were gone and everyone started smiling, I felt comfortable. The situation was a great learning event for me as well.

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