IELTS Cue Card 55: Describe An Advertisement That You Have Seen Recently And Liked

Describe An Advertisement That You Have Seen Recently And Liked

IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Sample Answer. Describe An Advertisement That You Have Seen Recently And Liked. IELTS Speaking Part 2 With Model Answer.

Describe An Advertisement That You Have Seen Recently And Liked

You should say:

  • what type of advertisement it is
  • what product it advertises
  • where you first saw it

And explain why you think this advertisement is effective

Model Answer 1: 
There are several advertisements that we see on the TV daily and some of them are very boring and others are average while some are very interesting and creative. One such advertisement that I really liked was regarding the unmatched contributions of mothers for their kids which I saw a few months back. The advertisement was broadcasted for the ‘Mother’s Day’ and it was not for any product. The ministry of child & mother care of health department was the sponsor of this ad and I saw it 3-4 days before the last ‘Mother’s Day’.

This ad was a very creative one and it was not like the most other ads that publicise or advertise their products. Rather it was an advertisement dedicated to the mothers and it reminded us that the toughest job in the world is the job done by mothers. They take care of their kids with the utmost care and dedication. They sacrifice their own wished and will to properly bring up the kids.

I saw this ad in the (…say a channel name..) UR TV channel. This was a creative ad that effectively delivered the message it intended to. It has shown some successful person in the history at the end and before that it showed how mothers are taking care and inspiring their kids to do good things and in the end, it shows the tribute to the mothers of the world for their valuable and second to none contribution.

Model Answer 2: 

We watch so many advertisements on TV and some of them we like and feel interesting. One such interesting advertisement was the ad of Cello Pen. This was a creative advertisement and I found it very interesting.  I watched this advertisement a few months ago in a TV channel while I was watching a live sport telecasting. I still remember it because it was bit unique and the way it was presented was quite good and touchy.

The advertisement starts with a boy who was in a school and then studied in a college and finally in a university and in the mean time the ad shows some of the successes he achieved and was congratulated. Thus he became a successful journalist and finally won an international prize for his honesty and bravery in his profession. His parents, mentors, teachers, friends and some others were highlighted at the end of the advertisement and as a flash back the Cello pen was shown. The advertisement revealed that the pen has contributed from the beginning to the end of his success and was never congratulated. Yet this is a silent partner of the man’s success.

This ad was a commercial ad of a company who manufactures and sells the pen. Thus the ads revealed how important the pens are in our success and how this pen helps people to become who they are! I guess this was a creative ad and was made with care as it has been a good ad to watch.

Model Answer 3:

Recently I heard the exciting news about the first direct flight between Adelaide and China mainland, Guangzhou by the China Southern Airlines. It would be very convenient to travel back to China once the air flight is available. Just several days ago, I found lots of advertisements introducing the flight by the air company in many places, such as public bus, TV and local newspapers. They are mostly introducing the most famous Chinese tourist attractions, like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. So I think that the advertiser are primarily hoping that the local people could take a trip to China for holiday by their airplanes. Besides they also emphasise that this is the first non-stop flight between Adelaide and China, which is the most attraction to me because I always need to stop in the middle of the trip for hours for the next flight. It was really time-consuming and exhausted when I got back to China. Now I am really happy to know that I can get back to China directly. It can really save lots of my time.

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