IELTS Cue Card 31: A Concert or A Live Performance

A Concert or Musical Event Cue Card

IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Sample Answer. Describe A Concert or A Live Performance Cue CardIELTS Speaking Part 2 With Model Answer.



Describe A Concert or A Live Performance

You should say:

  • A concert you attended
  • Whose concert was it?
  • What kind of music was it?
  • How was the whole experience?


Tips for answering this cue card topic:

Use few rich vocabulary which will boost your score.


Talk about a ceremony or festival in your country when music is played. This can be a national program, religious program, a local or traditional program or can be a theatre or seasonal program when some kind of music is played and people sing. Tell the program name, type of program, time of the year or season when it is performed and where it is performed. If this is a local program, it held on your locality and if this is a religious or country wide program, then you should mention the significance of this program.

After you tell about the program name, type and time, you should then talk about the reasons you know this program and why you enjoy it. Since this is a music program, you do enjoy it because of your love for the music and festival. If the musical program is rooted to the religious or patriotic reasons, you should mention that as well.

You should avoid describing a stage program or a concert that can occur any time of the year and has no great deal of importance nationally or locally. But think about any program which takes place in your locality in every summer and people enjoys it or any national program which takes place in every year and a lot of people participates in the musical program there.



Model Answer 1:  

 Now-a-days there is a dominance of recorded music, so concerts are very
uncommon these days
 Now again they are gaining popularity
 I belong to a small town, Phagwara
 Not many concerts take place here
 This year, in January, a concert was held in a town near my home town to
promote Gurdas Man‟s latest album, Boot Polishan
 It was a promotional concert, so the entry ticket was very low
 My friends and I decided to go to the concert
 Gurdas Man is my favourite singer
 We all reached there well in time because the choice of the seating was on a first-
come first-serve basis
 I tell you, it was an electrifying experience
 We kept on shouting encore! Encore! and he kept on performing
 Watching a live performance and that too of my favourite singer was something
that I had never dreamt of
 It was a dream-come-true for me
 Towards the end of the performance we all went on the stage and danced with
 We even clicked some photographs and captured some videos.


Model Answer 2: 

I do not go to concerts that often, but when I was in my High school I used to attend a lot of concerts. I went to a concert in the last year of my high school. I famous singer came to our school to perform a concert. I had planned a dinner with my friends but when I found out that MUK was going to sing, I could not stop myself and I decided to stay for the concert.
The singer was good at singing Indian songs. At that time most people of my age wanted to listen rock music, but I was even a fan of good Indian music at that time. There were not many people who were in the band. There was a guitarist, pianist and a vocalist. I would even like to tell you that after that concert I even got the inspiration to become a singer. I joined a music academy and took some singing classes, but I was not able to pursue it as a full time career.
I was accompanied by some of my good friends. Overall the experience was simply spectacular. There was real good music played and moreover there was good food available over there. I spent 2 hours in a very good manner and I was able to listen to all the good songs which I liked. The experience of listening to them play live was really good.



Model Answer 3: 

There are several occasions and places in our country when musical events take place in my country. I’d like to talk about a particular music event that takes place in my hometown and this takes place at the beginning of the spring. The event runs through 3-4 days and in 2-3 phases. In the first phase, the local music bands and individuals perform and complete in the event. At the end of the competition, three bands/ individuals are selected and are awarded. This is an important event as it makes the participants famous in the country. This event is broadcasted in local TV channel and in Radio. This event takes place in the city hall auditorium. Thousands of music lovers and people attend the event to enjoy the music and the competition. Several kinds of music are played and among them classic, rock, folk and contemporary songs are most famous.

In the second phase, some famous singers and musicians perform their own songs and people enjoy this very much. Lots of people from different parts of the country come to attend the show and enjoy the music.
I have attended the event several times and enjoyed every time to be there. The event attracts lots of people and a festivity goes on surrounding this event. I enjoy the music, the gathering and the festivity of this event.


Model Answer 4:

I had the chance to join at a concert under the Believe Tour by Canadian singer Justin Bieber in Ottawa. It was one of the most wonderful concerts for me I have ever enjoyed.

Justin Bieber is my favourite singer and I have the collection of all of his songs. As a kid, he has raised himself to a different height which is unimaginable for the boy like his age. The concert was arranged in support of his third album – ‘Believe’. The concert began in September of 2012 and he reached Ottawa in the next year as he had to perform in different other states as well. The concert got huge publicity on different media and tickets were unavailable, I am lucky that I had a friend with the concert organiser who managed the ticket for me.

The tour has taken place in Ottawa on July 23 of 2013 at Scotiabank Place. Although the venue was extra large for such a concert, on the concert day it was jam packed with the audience and it was difficult for me to stand at the entrance queue with the expanding crowd. However, my friend rescued me from this trouble and I entered at the Scotiabank Place for the first time to enjoy a live concert. The stage decoration was lucrative and the lighting system made the hall as a bright as daylight. Fortunately, I managed space at the front row and kept standing until the concert ended. I forgot the duration and it might have lasted for one and a half hour.

Unfortunately, I could not manage another ticket for my younger brother, who is also a fan of Justin Bieber. He missed the event entirely but I was so lucky that I had the chance to talk with the popular singer for the first time during the concert. He was having a stunning look with the sleeveless shirt, a black pant, a bandana on his right arm and the microphone on his head. He was accompanied by a band of musicians who were playing different instruments together to make the concert enjoyable. He moved across the concert stage while the most of the audiences were dancing cheerfully with the songs. Despite being a little kid to me, I am his super fan and prefer his songs always. The meanings of the songs are outstanding and the music composition is tremendous. He knows how to sing and make the audience crazy with his super tone.

It was a good luck for me that I have a friend who is working with the event management in Ottawa and helps me great in such cases like reserving concert tickets, arranging front row seats, special treatments in the venue and more other issues. But I truly enjoyed the Believe Tour though I did not get enough chance to sit or receive any special treatment from the organisers as the entire hall was overcrowded. Security people of the venue were helpless to control the crowd and bring discipline among the audience. Besides, the songs were excellent with a lively performance. The singer sang a couple of songs from his new album while the other songs belonged to his former albums.


IELTS Speaking Part 3: 

– Should we focus more on traditional music? Why?

No its not necessary but that doesn’t mean that we have to neglect our traditional music. Its a recognition of our culture. an identity that cant be forgotten. But that doesn’t mean again that we have been imposed the traditional music only.

– Do you think having a good voice gives you an edge over others? Why?

Yes indeed, people always like to listen the other people who speak like chirping sound of birds. And in this way they easily win the admiration of people.
– What main qualities are required to be a good singer?
Ideas about musical notes, rising and falling rhythm, understanding of words and meaning to deliver emotions and passions related to song. These are the prior things I am afraid a person should have if he wants to be a good singer sorry great singer.
– Do you think the government should promote music in schools?

By all means, in this way children can channelize their moods from routine study which they find many a times boring. And however these days children have opportunity to make career due to the availability of exposure or plate form worldwide.


Q. What type music is famous in your country?
A. In my country almost all types of music are popular. I would say that although pop is a little more renowned, it doesn’t mean that other kinds of music like rock, jazz and metal aren’t rife as well. International music constitutes a big part of people’s entertainment, especially at bars and night clubs. In addition, in Greece which is the country I was born, traditional music plays a really essential role as at the majority of music events, the country music has the predominant role and makes everyone’s time exciting and hilarious.

Q. What are influences of western music in teenagers in your country?
A. The truth is that western music isn’t that popular among the teenagers in my country and only a few people, especially grown up tend to prefer western music. I think this is happening because that kind of music is a form of American folk music which was created by those who inhabited in the Western United States and Canada and celebrated the life of cowboys there. Because of its special and unique characteristics, it isn’t enjoyed by many in Greece and this could be justified by the fact that its popularity has declined in the last 40 years in my country. As far as teenagers are concerned in my country, most of them are not  influenced by it.

Q. Why is music important?
A. Music is the food and vitamins for our soul. It can heal our wounds, remind us our good time, help forget our misery, inspire us and represent our cultural identity to the world. I strongly support the idea that music is indispensable in people’s life and it produces extremely beneficial implications.

Music can touch our heart and mind and some melody can arouse different emotions in us. Whenever people are in love, face a crisis, make or break a relationship there are songs that can describe the whole situation and motivate people. Hence, music helps people interpret and understand things from different perspectives and heals any existing mental wounds. In addition, via music, people can relax and have their mood elevated after busy days of a massive amount of duties and obligations. Last but not the least, music encourages and promotes tolerance as it can connect people regardless their country, culture and religion.

Q. Which one is more important: traditional music or western music?
A. This is quite difficult to exactly answer this because I don’t listen to either type. But I would try and say that both of them are equally important, at last in some countries. The former, traditional music, describes and depicts every country’s tradition, customs and views in life and is the brand ambassador for each country. The latter, the international music, concerns a very particular type and location. Traditional music may have different forms depending on the country or even a city, while western music is something more fixed as it deals with western lifestyle, appeal and stories. So, I would infer that the answer to this question is subjective and has to do with people’s origins, nationality and preference, but there is no case that I would say that any of them is more significant than the other.


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