IELTS Cue Card 26: An Animal You Like The Most

An Animal You Like The Most IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Sample Answer. An Animal You Like The Most or Describe your favourite animal Cue CardIELTS Speaking Part 2 With Model Answer.



Describe an animal you saw, which you find very interesting

You should say: 

  • what it is
  • where you saw it
  • what it looks like
  • and explain why you think it was interesting.



Tips for answering this cue card topic:

Talk about any animal that you feel you would be able to give some information about. Mention some benefits this animal offers to answer the question why this is your favourite animal. You can talk about a domestic animal like cow, goat, camel, sheep, cat, dog etc and as you already know about the characteristics and their benefits, you should be able to answer the questions asked for this cue card. You can also talk about any wild animal that you know about as an answer to this cue card. For instance, if you know some details about the tiger, lion, elephant, hawk, kangaroo etc. as well.

Mention the following points as part of this cue card topic:

Name: Give the name of the animal and if there is any different name other than the dictionary name of this animal mention that as well. You are free to talk about any bird as well as birds are also animals. Mention which species and genre it falls it falls under.

Characteristics of this animal: Mention if it is a domestic/ wild/ bird / highland animal or if it lives in water or flies in the sky. Give some details about what this animal eats, how they live, what are their outlooks and characteristics.

Why you like it: There could be 3-4 reasons you like an animal including the look, their benefits, their characteristics and their closeness to human. Apart from that mention that this is an animal that helps people on some tasks and mention how we are benefitted from this animal.



Model Answer 1:  

 India is a diverse country
 There are many types of animals found in India
 There are pet animals, domestic animals and wild animals
 Here I am going to talk about an animal which I saw for the first time in Mini
zoo at Chandigarh.
 OR
 An animal I like the most is an elephant.
 OR
 Here I am going to talk about an animal which I find strange
 It is the elephant
 The elephants are the biggest land animals.
 They are herbivorous and can be identified because of their trunk.
 The trunk is the projection of their nose and the upper lips.
 There are two types of elephants, the Indian and the African.
 African elephants are bigger than their Indian counterparts.
 They have comparatively larger ears.
 Among the African elephants both the males and females have tusks whereas,
only the males among the Indian elephants have tusks and so they are called
 The back of the Indian elephants are convex whereas that of the African
elephants are concave.
 Indian elephants can be tamed and they are more beautiful.
 Elephants are gregarious animals and live in herds headed by tuskers.
 They have a well structured family life.
 The young ones, called the calf, are looked after by the cow elephants.
 Their cry is called trumpet.
 In India, elephants are captured, tamed and used for various purposes.
 Elephants are among the few animals whose existence is not endangered till now.


Model Answer 2: 

Today I am going to tell you about my favourite animal, what it is, where it lives, when I first encountered it and why I like it so much.

I like lots of animals, so it is difficult to choose just one. However, I think my favourite animal is the Warthog. Warthogs live in Africa, they are a sort of wild pig. They get their name because they have four fleshy bumps on their faces, which look a bit like warts. These are part of the defence mechanism for males when they fight. Some people think warthogs are ugly, but I think they are lovely, they have great character.

I was lucky enough to spend some time volunteering at a property in South Africa. At the property, there were three young warthogs which had been orphaned after their mother was poached – killed for food. The baby warthogs were, therefore, hand-reared. When they were old enough, they were set free to run around in the wild. However, because they were so used to people they preferred to stay nearby.

These three warthogs were very friendly, intelligent and loved to play. They also like to follow their leader. In the wild, baby warthogs will run after their mothers, these three young hogs used to follow us. They would run after us even if we were in a vehicle or on a horse – once they even tried to follow the landowner when he took off in his helicopter! The pigs (as we started to call them) loved to be scratched and cuddled, they were very affectionate. They were also very nosy, whatever we did, they wanted to be with us!

I love warthogs, they are energetic, loyal, and funny and I think they are beautiful too. Though I do understand the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder!’



Model Answer 3: 

Animals are the beautiful creations in the world. But most of the animals live in jungles and I had the chance to meet a few of them in the Maryland zoo.

Giraffe is one of the most beautiful African animals and is distinguished from the other animals with its extraordinary height. There are different types of giraffes are found around the world and the zoo authority has permanently set a living space for one if the special kinds. The living area named Giraffe House is beautifully decorated like their natural habitats and made in such a simple way that the visitors can interact (like feeding or taking pictures) with the giraffes easily. They can feed the giraffes and also could take pictures and the kids are most entertained with the company of the giraffes.

During a weekend visit with my parents at the Maryland zoo, I saw the giraffes. They were amazing, particularly the baby giraffes. The giraffes are located in a corner of the zoo and thus it took much time for us to reach the spot. I have never seen giraffes so closely before and it was a great chance for me to get some clicks with the African beauties. I have also seen the other animals but liked the giraffes most for different reasons.

The giraffes are great to look at and the towering shape of their throat is the most attractive thing. I fed the little one as that was small in size. The large brown spots on its white body were stunning. When I was feeding the little one, another one (might be the mother giraffe) came closer to me. I had to look upwards to get the full view of the giraffe. The legs were thin and it was always chewing something. When I fed the little one, the mother tried to get some acacia leaves but could not reach me for its unusual height.

It was interesting to me as I could not get in touch of the other animals. Besides, the giraffes are not ferocious like the other wild animals. Moreover, the Giraffe House has feeding stations to feed them. When I fed the little one that did not show any unsatisfactory sign rather allowed me to brush its body too. My mother clicked the pictures for me. The majestic skin is adorable and felt smooth when I touched the little one. I wish I could have taken the little one as my pet!


Model Answer 4: 

I’m going to tell you about my pet cat Montague – he’s practically a member of my family – I’ve always had cats and Isuppose I’m slightly silly about them.

He’s just a common or garden cat – a moggy – not a special breed or anything like that. Though his colouring is ratherspecial. He’s all white but has a ginger tail and ginger ears and another patch on his body. He looks as if he might be a pedigree cat and some people have asked. But as I was saying he’s quite common really.

He’s an inside cat. I’d love to let him outside and roam but we live fairly near a road and it just isn’t safe. It’d break my heart if anything happened to him – you know if he was run over. You might laugh at this but I do sometimes take him outside for a walk – on a lead – just as you would with a dog. I don’t take him out onto the road – just into the back garden so that he can chew on the grass – that’s one of his great loves.

What does he eat? Until very recently he only ate chicken. Our vet diagnosed him as being intolerant of any form of cat food – he was being sick all the time. So I used to cook chicken for him 3 times a day! But I’m pleased to say that he is now back on a regular diet as we’ve found a prescription cat food that he can tolerate.

You want to know why I love him? It’s hard to explain. He’s just a member of the family now. And I love him just like I would a person.



Model Answer 5:

Animals are beautiful into of god on earth, who can see, smell, think and communicate with each other. They are categorized into different families’ reptiles, mammals and insects. There are so many animals which we can see in daily like cat, dog, cow and rat. However there are wild animals which we can see only in forest or zoo examples elephant, lion, deer etc. Here I would I like to speak about my favorite wild animal that is Tiger.

First time I saw the tiger in a zoo. It seems very beautiful, bold and dynamic to me. Tiger is the national animal of India. It has a muscular body. It belongs to the cat’s family. It’s a large and huge cat. It has a golden skin with black color strips. It’s a very dangerous animal. It runs very fast about 70 km/h. Now a day’s hunters are hunting the tigers for their skin. Tiger poaching is banned across the world. Government needs to take appropriate steps to save the tigers otherwise they will become extinct.



IELTS Speaking Part 3: Details Discussion

Q. What kind of animals do people have in their home?

A. Usually, pet animals are kept in a house for different reasons, especially accompanying the household members. But the range and preference differ from individual to individual. However, small four-footed animals like dogs and cats are preferred and popular as pets for homes. Sometimes people also pick rabbits or fancy rats as their pet animals. Further, some of the people prefer birds as their pets too.

 Q. Tell me about an animal you saw which is very rare in your hometown.

A. There are some rare animals too like guinea pigs. Originated from Andes, the animals do not have any connection with pigs and mostly they are used in laboratories to test different medicines and bring out the result. I have seen one of my neighbours having guinea pigs as her pet which is rare in my hometown.

Q. Why do people have pets in their homes?

A. People mostly have pets to get their company. Besides, they are useful for us too in some cases. When a dog sees a stranger, it barks and the homeowner becomes aware of the existence of someone else at the home. Besides, cats kill mice and protect the home from different mischief created by the tiny creatures.
Q. Do you think people do not respect animals these days? What about 10 years ago?

A. Currently, people have turned more mechanised than they were before. As a result, they cannot pay proper attention to their pets. They do respect the pets but proper attentions are not provided for the hefty workloads. About 10 years back, people used to pass intimate moments with their pets, they used to bath and feed them every day by themselves, played with them but the events are rare or sometimes irregular in the current days.

Q. Earlier people used animals for their work. Now, what do people use to do their work?

A. With the advancing age, everything has become modernised and mechanised. Vehicles have replaced the animals like horse or buffaloes to pull carts or transport goods and men from place to places. Sometimes, they used dogs to hunt animals for meats, but now they are collecting processed meats from stores. Moreover, earlier there were horse races which have been replaced by car racing events. These days people rely on technological devices mostly to have their job done.

Q. Researchers are being conducted on animals, is this a good idea?

A. Studies are on over the animals and I think it will be helpful to generate newer species or will help to sustain the extinct species. More researches should be conducted over the animals as they are the part of our ecology and their improved condition will help to maintain the ecological balance too. Moreover, the wildlife, around the globe, is in danger and the research will help to discover the ways of their protection. If the research is continued and the results are implied over the animals, it will be helpful for the animals, human and the entire environment.

Q. So many animals are extinct these days. What do you think about this? Why it is happening?

A. Animals are of great use for us. But there are some people who indiscriminately are hunting down animals which are bad for the environment and for the humans too. Mostly the animals are killed for their skin and horns. Precious products and medicines are made from the animal skins and horns and thus poachers are killing them illegally in the jungles resulting in their extinction. It should be prevented strictly or the species will get lost forever.

Deforestation, new constructions, people’s greed and temperature changes are some of the others reasons many animal species are getting extinct. Global warming is a threat both for human and other species. We should take every measure to reduce the global temperature. Apart from that, hunting of wild animals should be completely banned.



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