IELTS Cue Card 23: Your Favourite Magazine

Favourite Magazine IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Sample Answer. Your Favourite Magazine Cue CardIELTS Speaking Part 2 With Model Answer.


A Magazine You Think is Interesting

You should say:

  • How you know about this magazine
  • Where you can buy it
  • What it contains
  • and explain why you think this magazine is interesting.


Tips for answering this cue card topic:

  • Record yourself talking about and describing in detail your favorite magazine IELTS speaking Part 2 allows you up to 2 minutes to talk about the topic on the cue card.
  • Listen to yourself – can you think of ways to improve your answer? Did you speak for a full 2minutes?
  • Be prepared to talk for 2 minutes about your favorite magazine, or whatever the questions specifically asks about because the more you talk the better opportunity the examiner has to really evaluate your English language speaking skills.


Model Answer 1:  

 My favourite magazine is “The Readers Digest”.
 It is a monthly.
 It is an international magazine.
 The editor of the magazine is Mohan Sivanand.
 I like this magazine because it is not a magazine to be read and throw away.
 It is a collectible.
 I have collected many past issues of the magazine in my personal library.
 There are many regular features of the magazine.
 The feature I like the most is „word power‟.
 It gives me 20 new words of English every month with their meaning and
 It helps me to improve my vocabulary.
 The other regular features are “laughter is the best medicine ”, „life is like that‟
and „humour in uniform”
 All these articles contain jokes and humours which are as fresh as fresh fruits
and vegetables.
 There are also many quotable quotes in this magazine.
 Another article I like is “The reader‟s choice”
 It runs for 15-20 pages.
 It contains a true story or an abridged form of a novel.
 All these articles are very inspiring.
 Reading this magazine relaxes me.
 This magazine is entertaining and educative.
 Everybody in my house reads it.
 This magazine has something for everybody.

 Model Answer 2: 

In Australia, a good number of magazines are available. Most of the magazines deal with issues like business, entertainment, sports, fashion, culture, tourism and more. I like the Woman’s Day weekly magazine most. It is available both in print and online version.

This is the only magazine that I found deals with the details. The other magazines do not provide the detail information while the printing quality is also poor. So, usually, I avoid them and have subscribed to Woman’s Day. This is a great entertainment magazine and contains almost all the gossips that I need to know about local and international celebrities, cooking, fashion, lifestyle, diets, foods and more.

Each of the copy is comparatively cheaper than the other contemporary magazines. Now it is 4.20 AUD for per issue and the price was a bit lower a few years ago. But comparing the price, it serves with the best available articles and reports. The images published in the magazine look like real and most importantly the images are taken with the permission of the subjects (for the case of celebrities) and natural. However, I will continue reading the magazine even if the subscription fee goes higher.

I read the magazine almost twice in a week. In fact, due to my professional engagement, I cannot manage much time to spend with the magazine and read it only in holidays. But whenever I get time in the evening or right before the sleep at night, I have a look on the magazine. Actually, I start reading the magazine on the day it is delivered at home and finish it within next two or three days. Usually, I get the magazine on every Sunday and spend almost one hour to check the issues of that week. But if I need to know the latest information or anything else, I peep on their official website to know about my desired information.

I like Woman’s Day much as it appears to be a great source of entertainment to me. Though I do not have much time to spend for reading, I like to read this entertainment magazine as I am curious to know about the media gossips and this specific magazine serves me well on the issue. The stories in the magazine are not twisted like the other entertainment magazines. Besides, the subscription price is also lower for this magazine. I love the articles it provides under its recipes category. By reading the recipes, I have learnt to prepare different foods that I was unable before. Besides, the Real Life section also provides with the knowledge of real life and I have applied some of the tips in my real life – they did well.



Model Answer 3: 

In my opinion, the ‘Reader’s Digest’ is an interesting magazine that I like to read. I am not pretty sure where I first heard about this magazine but I think I found my father bought this magazine sometimes and from there I came to know about this magazine. Later on, I have bought this magazine from the nearby paper stand and after reading several copies of this magazine, I learned the contents and stuff of this magazine.

This is a common magazine in our country and can be found very easily. Almost every paper stand has this magazine. I can buy it from the hawkers as well. Some of the libraries in my hometown also have this magazine for their readers. Reader’s Digest is an American general interest family magazine which is published monthly. Apart from the United States, this magazine reaches to an additional 40 million people of the world in more than 21 languages in well over 70 countries. This magazine focuses on health, food, advice, Home and housing, true stories, jokes, inspiring and funny incidents and many more topics.

The writing and presentation of the topics are very interesting and the readers enjoy the contents of the magazine a lot. This is an interesting magazine because the way it presents its content is interesting. The humour, the true stories, the jokes, the feature articles are very interesting to read. One can enjoy and learn from this magazine at the same time. In fact, it is the most popular paid magazine circulation in the world with a huge number of readers worldwide.


Model Answer 4: 

Brief introduction

I don’t actually read magazines much nowadays – I generally get my information from the internet. But one magazine I do read is The Week.

How I know about this magazine

I found out about this because of my sister and brother-in-law. They’ve been subscribers to it for quite some time now. The last time I went to visit them I saw it on the table in their kitchen and just picked it up to read.

Where you can buy it

I’m not exactly certain where you can buy it. I imagine that you can get it from local newsagents and other shops that sell newspapers and magazines. But when I decided to buy it I just filled out a coupon inside the magazine that gave me a free offer – so I get it delivered to my door with the post.

What it contains

I decided to subscribe to it because it saves me time! It contains the best and most interesting articles from several different newspapers and is neatly divided into different topics. I don’t have to spend time any more browsing different sites on the net. So for instance I can find out about World News and read articles first published in French or German newspapers.

Why is it interesting

Why is it interesting? There are lots of reasons but I think what I like most is that you find articles written from different viewpoints. You never know quite what to expect. That’s slightly unusual in a magazine.



Model Answer 5:

My favorite magazine is called ( Medical Updates). As the name implies, it contains information, news and reports about the latest developments in medicine. I usually pick it up from the campus of Medical Association. It is distributed freely, and published on monthly bases.

I find it interesting because it keeps me updated with the most recent discoveries in medicine such as stem cell therapies. These therapies are expected to revolutionize the way for treatment of many diseases like cancers and Diabetes mellitus.

Recently, I read an awesome article about the potential role of an enzyme called ( telomerase) in slowing down of aging process, and extension of our life span. I was totally fascinated by it. Such a thing was mentioned only in fictions , and for long time people couldn’t even dream of it. Now it is becoming true. What sublimity!





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