IELTS Cue Card 21: An Activity You Would Like To Do More Often

An Activity You Would Like To Do More Often Cue Card

IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Sample Answer. Describe An Activity You Would Like To Do More Often Cue CardIELTS Speaking Part 2 With Model Answer.


Talk About An Activity You Like Doing

You should say:

  • What is it
  • Who you do it with/ How you do it
  • why you enjoy doing it
  • and explain why it is a good activity.


Model Answer 1:  

Well, something I would like to do especially if I am feeling a bit stressed, is to go
out for a walk.
 I already go for walks but I would like to do it more often.
 I usually go for a long walk, but I do not rush, I just walk at a normal speed.
 Because I find if I walk fast it doesn‟t relax me.
 I quite often go out for a walk in the evening, if I‟ve had a hectic day since
 It is much better than just sitting in front of the television in the evening, or
something like that.
 Or sometimes I go for a long walk at the weekend, if it‟s been a really bad week.
 I usually go to the park.
 Or I walk down the side streets near my house.
 I don‟t like walking on the main road.
 Because of the noise, you end up even more stressed.
 I really love walking.
 I find it very relaxing.
 It always makes me feel better afterwards.
 I am not sure why.
 I think one thing is the change of place.
 It sort of slows me down.
 And it is good just getting out of the house and being out of doors.
 It helps me to, kind of, get things into perspective, you know.
 And finally, I meet so many people- neighbours-on the way.
 It sort of build up a community spirit.
 So I would like to go walking daily


 Model Answer 2: 

With the job, study and other responsibilities I have a busy schedule in my daily life and over the number of activities I had got limited. Yet, I maintain some of the activities I really enjoy. One such activity is hanging out with friends during my day offs. We often meet at a place in the evening and enjoy our time. Sometimes we meet at a public place like a park or a field and sometimes we go to watch the theatre.

I mostly do it with my close friends and we have 4-5 such friends who meet each other on our day-offs. I enjoy spending times with my friends as they are my long time friends and have a good understanding. I enjoy the topic we discuss or even the chit-chat we have in our conversation. As all of us got busy over time, we can’t meet very often and our meeting on our day-offs helps us maintaining our social gathering and friendship. We often plan to go to worth watching theatrical performance and movies and enjoy our time.
This is indeed a good activity, at least to me, as I value their friendship and enjoy their company. Good friends are like treasures in life as I have often found their help in times of distress and need. Thus the activity I have allows me to spend some quality times, get their updates, discuss on topics that I learn things from and allow me doing some activities that otherwise would not have been possible.



Model Answer 3: 

I work in a company where I have to work from 8 to 5 pm. and most of my evening are spent on my way back to home. Sometimes the traffic is bad and I have to be on the car in the evening time and after I reach home the night falls. I used to walk or play in the evening or visit my friends during my university years but the current works at office and schedule do not permit me to do any particular activity in the evening. However, I have two days off in a week and those two days are different than the rest of the days and in the evening I go out walking or running as part of refreshment and exercise.

So walking and running in the evening is the activity I often do and usually, I do it alone. I wear running trousers and sneakers which are comfortable for running and put on my headphone so that I can enjoy the music while walking.
I start right from my home and usually to go open places or parks to walk or run. There is no particular place where I go to but mostly I go to one of the nearby parks which are surrounded by natural scenes. I found some other people come to do the exercise and to run in the park. I have two major reasons for this evening activity: first it is a good exercise and second it is refreshing. I enjoy this evening walking and running and think it is a good thing for me.



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