IELTS Cue Card 18: Describe A Useful Website You Have Visited and Liked

A Useful Website You Have Visited Cue Card

IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Sample Answer. Describe A Useful Website You Have Visited and Liked Cue CardIELTS Speaking Part 2 With Model Answer.


Describe A Useful Website You Have Visited and Liked

You should say:

•    What the website was
•    How you fund the address of this website
•    What the website contained

  • and explain why it was useful to you.


Tips for answering this cue card topic:





Model Answer 1: Describe a website you often visit

One of my hobbies is surfing the net and I have visited many sites.
 One useful website is
 My friend told me about this site.
 It is educational, family friendly, safe for kids and adults and above all it is very
easy to navigate.
 I check my e-mail regularly on
 I also have yahoo messenger which helps me to chat online with my friends and
relatives who also have this messenger.
 Sometimes I play games online.
 My favourite game is Word Racer.
 It is a vocabulary building game.
 I have learnt many new words through it.
 Yahoo answers is a forum on this site where you can ask any question and you
will get replies from all over the world.
 Yahoo maps is a link on this site through which you can locate any place of the
 There is also an astrology link on this site.
 You can do a lot of online shopping at yahoo.
 You can search for jobs at yahoo jobs. You can read the latest news and the
latest advertisements.
 There is something for everyone on this site. I think this is a complete site in


 Model Answer 2: 

I use the internet almost every day and if I make a list of useful websites, the list would be pretty long. I would like to talk about website that I find very useful for me. is the most visited website in the world as well as the best search engine currently. It helps people to search for any query or search keyword they have. It searches websites, video, news, image, and information for the search keywords. The results are relevant and one gets enough information s/he is looking for from this website which mainly fetches information from all around the internet.

I have first used this website in 2000 when I read an article in a computer magazine about this search engine website. Nowadays this website has become so popular that a 5 years kid from any part of the world knows about Google.

This website basically contains a search input box, different searching options like video search, image search, web search etc. advanced search options, some copyright and help links and 2 buttons to search. Since this website brings results from World Wide Web, after we search for something, the results are shown as well on this website. This has become a very popular search engine because the result it shows serves the searchers’ purpose.

For more than a decade, I have been using this website for searching things I want. It can find search results virtually for anything someone searches. For me, this website is a great place to find information, references, academic books, story, news, websites and anything I wanted to know and find. This website is the gateway to other websites for me.



Model Answer 3: 

Internet has just changed the way the world operates. Gone are the days when you were tied down to your circumstances. These days, because of internet, you can be anything that you want  to be and every one have in some way become connected to it. We all have our favorite websites, that we visit more often. My favorite is The reason I like it is I believe it is a fantastic way of sharing things. People can upload their work, they can see what people are doing without even knowing them personally. I myself have used it for watching motivational videos, learning new stuff and sharing many a times.

I started using youtube 2 years ago and it has been a great experience. I use it almost everyday. I am a blogger, so the only way I can find out stuff is through either youtube or newspapers. So, I use it for my work and also for leisure some times. I can stay on youtube to watch trailers and songs and speeches.

I think necessity is the mother of invention. I have been using it since the time I started blogging. Without it, I think life will be difficult and more importantly, I guess it will be quite limited. But I hope something similar or may be even better than it pops up.


Model Answer 4: 

his is the age of technology. The Internet is one of the important aspects of technology and websites are the entrance to the vast virtual world. I have visited

Basically, YouTube is a video sharing website and mostly the users upload different types of videos on this sharing website. This California based website, YouTube, is available across the world. The website visitors could share a good variety of videos, watch video songs, view movie trailers, dramas, serials and sometimes movies, educational videos and more other entertaining video clips for free of cost. They do not need to pay any charge for using the website. After its inception in 2005, the tech-giant Google bought it in 2006 with over 1.50 billion US dollars. The users are able to upload, share, comment, and rate the videos on the website. Currently, the website is also used for video blogging. Though many of the video clips are uploaded by private initiatives, many of the organisations also use this website for their video contents.

I visit the website frequently in a day and in fact, there are no exact statistics of this visiting. There are no specific times or schedules to visit the site for me, and I think this is for anyone who is familiar with the website. I usually browse the website from my personal computer when I am at home. I use the official laptop when I need to visit during the office hours and sometimes use my cell phone to browse the site when I am on my way to somewhere. Basically, the website could be browsed from anywhere and I take the advantage. I use all the available platforms to browse the website and get my tasks done (mostly enjoying songs).

YouTube offers a wide range of services and mostly those are related with videos. For instance, you sing very well but you do not have familiarity or audience. Okay. You may shoot a video with your cell phone camera and upload the video clip on YouTube. If the video does not violate the YouTube standard, the authority will publish the video on the website is perfect, it would be watched, enjoyed and shared by millions of people which will bring you fame. Besides, one can download the necessary and available videos if needed. All the videos on YouTube are free of cost and there are no hidden charges as well to enjoy the videos. It mostly gains profits from advertisements on the site. Since the number of visitors is more, the advertisers pay the YouTube authority to promote their respective products.

This is a very useful website for several reasons. The most important thing is the cost-free feature. We are in need of many information and videos in our everyday life and if we had to buy all the information, it would be impossible for us. But here we are having the information only by browsing the website. Besides, this is a unique platform to share and enjoy video clips. One can have almost all types of videos including entertaining or educative. People mostly use the website to enjoy the latest video songs, know about the latest movie trailers, pass their leisure hours by enjoying drama, movies, video songs etc. Most of the times, the video contents are useful to the viewers in many aspects and could be used for different purposes as well. Take a simple example. Someone has captured a real murder scene and has uploaded that on YouTube, consequently the video clip could be used as visual evidence against the murder and arrest the criminals.





IELTS Speaking Part 3: Details Discussion

  • How long have you been using the Internet?
  • How the Internet has changed our lifestyle?
  • What would be the possible uses of Internet in the future?

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