IELTS Cue Card 17: An Event Which Made You Happy

An Event Which Made You Happy Cue Card

IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Sample Answer. Describe An Event Which Made You Happy or, A Recent Happy Event Cue CardIELTS Speaking Part 2 With Model Answer.


Describe a happy event of your life

You should say:

  • what it was
  • when it happened
  • where it happened
  • and explain why it was a happy event.


Tips for answering this cue card topic:

Describe a happy event of your life” is an example of cue card topic that gives a candidate a wide range of options to pick from. You are virtually free to talk about any event that you think you would be flexible to talk about. On the contrary, the topic like “Describe a famous writer in your country” narrows your option. You can’t just pick any writer and start talking about him. For the later topic, you need to think about such a writer and give some factual information about him.
The cue cards that give you wide options are usually easier to talk about since you won’t have to wonder a lot to pick what you would talk about. For this cue card i.e. “Describe a happy event of your life” think about an event in your life that made you happy. If you take it from your life rather than making it up, you would be able to give more details and extend the topic.


Similar Topic

1. Your father got promoted and your family celebrated it.
2. You got admitted to a school/ college/ university where you dreamed of studying.
3. The birth of your younger sister/ brother/ nephew/ niece or even your own kid if you are a father/ mother.
4. One of your family members was severely ill but got healed miraculously.
5. You won a competition.
6. You did something for others and people acclaimed that.
7. You got a scholarship.
8. You overcame one of your obstacles.
9. You went to visit a foreign country
10. You achieved something noteworthy.
11. You saved someone from a big problem.




  • hip-hop: a style of music usually based on rap and often including elements of other styles such as funk or rhythm and blues. Example: My best friend is an awesome hip-hop artist who performs all around the world.
  • contemporary: current, modern, nowadays. Example: As an art collector, he focuses on contemporary artists from Asia and Europe.
  • sponsored by: an individual or organization that puts something on, that supports an event financially. Example: This evening‟s event was sponsored by Apple, Microsoft and Dell computers.
  • given by: in this context the artists give a performance or perform and so we say it was given by them. Example: The keynote presentation was given by Mark Zuckerberg, speaking Chinese.
  • combination of: when two or more things are combined to create something new. Example: The combination of science and art classes helps students learn in a creative way.
  • talent: a special skill that one has. Example: He has a talent for making movies and will likely become a director some day.
  • flexible: to be able to bend your body in all sorts of ways. Example: Ballet dancers and yoga instructors are very flexible.
  • interpret: to understand something in a certain way. Example: The two people interpreted the performance in two completely different ways.
  • daily routine: that which you do every day, like get up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, clean up, watch TV, go to bed. Example: His daily routine starts at 5 a.m. and ends at 10 p.m.
  • spectacular: amazing, fantastic, super special. Example: His new book is spectacular. Have you read it yet?
  • pursue their passions: to follow your interests and desires. Example: He wants to pursue his passion for chemistry by getting a PhD.
  • fresh breeze: used in this context to describe something that is new and refreshing. Example: Spending a day out in the woods was like a fresh breeze, compared to my usual boring daily routine.
  • rarely: not very often.
    Example: I rarely go downtown due to the traffic.



Model Answer 1: 

 Happy and sad events are a part and parcel of our life.
 The happy event I am going to talk about here is the wedding of my cousin.
 I attended this wedding on 15th January.
 My cousin‟s name is Deepa.
 She is my maternal aunt‟s daughter.
 All our relatives and friends were invited.
 Actually the whole week before 15th was busy in the pre wedding celebrations
like tilak, sangeet, mehandi and haldi.
 On the day of the wedding, the marriage palace was decorated like a bride. My
cousin also looked beautiful in her sequin spangled lehanga.
 The baraat came at 5 p.m.
 High tea was served in which there were lots of cakes and snacks.
 Then there was the jai mala.
 The bride and groom exchanged fresh flower garlands.
 Then we all danced and enjoyed to the beat of music.
 After the sumptuous dinner all the guests departed and only the close family was
 Then the priest set up a small fire and the remaining ceremony took place
around the fire.
 The doli took place early morning.
 It was a very tearful moment for all of us but we were all happy from deep inside
as my cousin was beginning her new life.
 Such celebrations are very common in my country.
 Since then I have not attended any such ceremony but there is another wedding
in the family next month.


 Model Answer 2: 

I can remember many happy events of my life and out of those, I would like to talk about the event that I can still remember vividly regarding my success in the board exam. The moment I heard that I had been awarded a scholarship based on my performance in the board exam, I became the happiest man in the world. This was indeed a very happy moment for me as it is something I was looking forward to achieving and the news made my parents quite happy and proud.

I spent almost a month with great anxiety regarding my result publication. I started speculating so many things and many of them were negative. I could hardly keep away the tensions about my upcoming result. The result was so important that my college admission would mostly depend on it. I could not sleep well in the night before the result publishing. I think this is a common anxiety for students and I was familiar with this type of anxiety. However, this particular exam results game me more nightmares than any other time of my life.

The result was published at around 11.00 am and I found that I did exceptionally well. I was so relieved and happy that I literally shouted. Then I hurriedly came back to our home and gave the news to my parents. They were happy too. My father bought sweets and my mother gave it to our neighbours. I felt excited, happy and relieved. At that time I was about 15 years old. It happened in our hometown called (… say the name of your hometown…)



Model Answer 3: 

Today, I am going to share with you a recent event that made me happy. A month ago, my friend and I attended a hip-hop and contemporary dance performance sponsored by the Japan Foundation Center, Goethe Institute, and L‟Espace Center called “Europe Meets Asia”.

The tickets were free so we did not see any reason for not going; we both like dancing a lot. The performance was given by artists from Japan and Israel. It was a combination of hip-hop and contemporary dance.

With their talents, they created such an amazing performance. We were surprised to see how flexible they were while performing. The dance also delivered a message which could be interpreted differently by different people. To me, it was about young people in the modern world, bored with the daily routine of life and trying to escape from this boredom in order to do something spectacular or at least pursue their passions.

After a 40-hour workweek, this event was like a fresh breeze in my life. It was a new experience that I had rarely had before, because in Hanoi, we don‟t get to see art performances by foreign artists that often.


Model Answer 4: 

Okay, so a couple of months ago I graduated from university – it was a really happy time for me, and although my family and I had already celebrated finishing my degree successfully, the official graduation day ceremony was really quite special, and a very happy day, for me and my friends. It was one of the last times that all of us were together because shortly after that two of our group left to go abroad and they’ll be there for about two years before they come back home.

So, the graduation ceremony was in the main auditorium of the university and everyone was there, all the students, faculty members and of course family and other invited guests. There were the usual speeches, presentation of degrees to graduates and a few other things which the faculty had organized, and then after we organized a big lunch.

There was my own family and three of my friends and their families as well, so it was quite an occasion. We had this family lunch at a local restaurant which we had booked for the afternoon. It was a really special time having all the most important people in my life together at the same time.

Later on, when the family members had left we went out to a bar and had a few beers together just me and my friends. Looking back on it now, it was one of the happiest days of my life I think – we all felt like we had really achieved something graduating and that particular day was really good for all of us. I hope that maybe in a couple of years we can arrange a sort of reunion – so that we can all get together again and catch up with each other.





IELTS Speaking Part 3: Details Discussion

Q. What do you think is important in achieving happiness?
Answer: I strongly believe that ordinary yet priceless things such as health, family solidarity and closeness, important people like friends who will always be there for you no matter what and job satisfaction can definitely lead to happiness. I am opposed to the belief that money makes everyone happy and replete. Although money and wealth are essential elements for human life as they help people cover their expenses, do things they want and purchase materials people want, I don’t think that they are the determinant factors. Furthermore, self-contentment could be another important ingredient for us to be happy. We can be happy with however little we have only if we have the self-satisfaction and self-contentment.

Q. How do you celebrate some happy events?
Answer: As I can remember, when I was younger I used to held parties at my home solely with my family and relatives. Especially on my birthdays, my mom cooked my favourite foods and made my favourite birthday cake with chocolate. Now that I am not a teenager anymore, I go out with my friends and in some special circumstances with my family as well. For example, on my graduation day, I went to a Greek restaurant with my parents, brother and my five best friends and we had a really great time. Generally speaking, I would say that I am more of an introvert person, so I totally prefer to spend substantial time with few friends rather than having many people and typical relationships. My happy moments and celebrations are also related to my friends and family members.

Q. What role the camera and video play in celebrating?
Answer: I would argue that these two tools, camera and video, play an integral part in different types of celebrations. First of all, most people have moments of their childhood and memories from childhood are captured in cameras. To illustrate, some of the most important events such as birthday parties, weddings, graduations and so on are included in these jigs and in this way the moment is captured and saved for a long period of time. Furthermore, as some essential and happy events are recorded, they could be used and displayed years later in order for some people to remember some significant events. A good illustration in my case is that on my 22nd birthday, my friends made me a really emotional video from all the years that we have been friends. Without the usage of the camera and video-recorder, this could never have happened.


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