IELTS Cue Card 16: Describe A Photograph That You Remember

A Photograph That You Remember Cue Card

IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Sample Answer. Describe A Photograph That You Remember Cue CardIELTS Speaking Part 2 With Model Answer.


Describe A Photograph That You Remember

You should say:

  •   when it was taken
  •   who took it
  •   what is in the photograph
  •   and explain why you remember this photograph.


Tips for answering this cue card topic:

Brief introduction

I’m going to tell you about a photograph of me and my sister. It’s quite unusual in that I’m not very photogenic and it’s one of the few photos of me where I like the way I look.

When it was taken

I can’t remember the exact date the photo was taken but it was quite some time ago now. It was when we were on a big family holiday in the Lake District – perhaps 10 years ago. We don’t often now go on holidays as a family together and that was almost the last time the whole family was there.

Who took it

I guess that Paul – my brother-in-law was the one behind the camera. I say that because he’s brilliant at photography and any good photos we have are normally ones that he’s taken. He’s got a great eye for it and of course he has all the right gear – special lenses and so on.

What’s in it

It’s quite a simple photo. It’s just my sister and myself in a boat on a lake – you can see the lake and shore in the background. But the idea is that it’s just the two of us together – looking happy.  Part of the reason it looks great I suppose is that it’s in black and white and that gives it a timeless quality. The other thing is that he caught us unawares and neither of us was looking directly at the camera – so it’s not exactly a portrait.

Why I remember it

I remember because it brings back great memories of a memorable holiday and as I said before I look good in it!




Model Answer 1: 

I have a collection of many photographs in my album.
 Here I‟m going to describe one in which my cousin and I are standing with our
grandparents in our farmhouse.
 There is a small round table on which there is a cake.
 I remember vividly, it was the golden jubilee celebration of my grandparents.
My aunt baked and iced the cake at home.
 She‟s an expert cook. She only clicked the photo.
 That‟s why she is not there in the picture.
 But her presence can be felt through the cake.
 Only the four of us were there in the picture.
 Last year when I celebrated my parents silver jubilee, I wished in my heart that I
celebrate their golden jubilee too.
 The tablecloth which is spread on the table was embroidered by my grandma.
She had a gifted hand in needle and thread work.
 Both my grandparents are no more in this world now.
 I really treasure this photograph as this brings back nostalgic memories of my
 Now I have a digital camera in which I capture precious moments.
 Maybe one day my children will value them.
 I like painting and drawing too but can‟t find enough time for these arts out of
my busy schedule.



 Model Answer 2: 

I want to talk to you about a favourite photograph of mine. I’ll explain when and where it was taken and why it is important and memorable to me.

The photograph is quite old now. I took it myself using what would now be thought of as an old-fashioned camera with traditional film. I can’t remember exactly what year it was, but it was probably around 2005. The photograph is of my uncle and aunt with their daughter, my niece. My uncle was born in the UK but ended up working in America, eventually taking American citizenship. I didn’t get to see him very often. Unfortunately, just before this photo was taken my uncle found out he was very ill, so I travelled out to America to visit him and his family, knowing that I might not get the chance to see him again.

Because it was my first time in America, they took me out and about to see the sights. The photograph was taken on a day we went to New York. It was pouring with rain, and really blustery. In the picture, my uncle and aunt are both holding black umbrellas, and the one my uncle is hanging onto has turned inside out in the wind. My niece, who was probably in her late teens then, is standing between them, and they are all laughing because the torrential rain had thoroughly drenched everyone. In the background is a yellow cab, and the streets are awash with water. It ought to have been a miserable day, but we had to see the funny side because the atrocious weather was so extreme, and it was madness for us to pick such a day to go exploring in the city!

I really like the photo because in it everyone looks happy, and relaxed. Although the photo was a bit posed – they knew I was photographing them, the weather was so appalling it has a spontaneous feel to it, my relatives were reacting to the rain rather than to me the photographer. It was also incredibly lucky that the photo came out so well. In the days before digital cameras, you would just take one snapshot of an occasion and hope for the best. This is a brilliant photo, it’s flattering everyone, and captures each individual animated and amused by the elements.

I have very few photos of my uncle, but I keep this one of him with his family on display in my flat. It reminds me of a really happy time and is how I want to remember him too. Looking at the photo makes me smile rather than feel sad – he looks so joyful with his family – and what better way to celebrate someone’s life than to remember them with affection, laughter and celebration long after they have gone? This photograph is special, as it enables me to do that every day!



Model Answer 3: 

The photograph that was taken, when I was only 4-5 years old with my parents, grandfather and grandmother, is one of my very favourite photographs. I do not have clear memory regarding the event when the photograph was taken but I have seen it a thousand times and still I look at it with a delight and sadness. The photograph is a black-and-white one and later I have enlarged it and framed it in my living room. The small kid (me), the grandparents and young parents make the picture a really significant one to me. I look with amazement into the picture and sometimes can’t believe I was so small and different looking at that time The picture gives me a gloomy feeling as my grandfather and mother are no longer with us. In the picture they look so lovely but I can’t be with them anymore!

I was wearing a full sleeve shirt, full pant and a pair of red shoes. In the picture, I was in the middle and was sitting in a chair. Others were standing around me – my parents are on the right and my grandparents are on the left. My father was very stylish and was wearing fashionable dresses in the picture. My grandfather had spectacles in his eyes and had his hair back-brushed. My mother and grandmother were wearing traditional dresses but both looked so fresh and happy in the picture.

This photograph is probably is my most favourite one ass it conveys my grandparents’ memory and depicts a happy family. Every time I look at this particular picture, it gives a different sensation – a mixture of happiness and sadness. This is a priceless possession to me and I would like to keep it with me for the rest of my life.


Model Answer 4: 

Last month I was assigned to clean the personal library of my father, and there I found a photograph of mine where I was sitting in the middle of my grandparents.

It was an old photograph and the corners of the photos were faded. The photo shows that I am sitting in the middle of my grandparents and they are in a posture like hugging me. It reminded me of the day when the photo was captured. I was wearing a school uniform and suddenly I remembered the photo was taken marking the first day of my school. My grandparents were in a jolly mood over my attending school for the first time of my life. Actually, I was also happy on the day and gladly posed for the photo with my grandparents. It was a black and white photo with a square shape and my father kept the photo inside of one of his books and forgot about that. When I showed the photo to him, he jumped out of joy.

Initially, I could not remember the exact day when I posed for the photo. But my father was a smart and conscious man. He wrote the date on the back of the photograph with a marker. The photograph was dated on March 27, 1989, which means the photo is about 27 years old in 2016! Wow!! I really have never seen such an old photo and interestingly I am one of the objects of the photo. When I come to know about the date, I was thrilled. I think to make me thrilled someday; my smart father placed the date behind the photo. This was a lesson for me as well. From now onward, I will place a date and place behind the photo or if the photo is clicked and stored on a computer, I will add a date and time at a corner manually.

As far as I remember, the photo was taken by a professional photographer of our locality. My father hired him to capture photos marking the occasion of starting my school. The photographer also took some other photos on the same day but most of the photos have been lost. The photo with my grandparents was captured on the lawn of our house. We had a large lawn before the house which was used to serve different purposes. The majority of the private events of my family took place on the lawn and it was nicely decorated. On the photograph, I am sitting with my grandparents on a wooden bench which was used to serve at the wooden dining table placed on the lawn to serve foods for the guests during the family events. In a summer evening, all of the family members were invited to attend the party. I was surprised as the photographer took a few pictures but he had to pay a standard amount for the photography.

After finding the photograph, I remembered the day suddenly. All the events appeared before my eyes. It was the very first day of my life when I went to school. I got admitted at the elementary level. I went in the morning and as it was the first day, I made late to return home. It was almost evening. I got familiar with the other student of my class, played with them in the open field of the school and did more fun. My father went to bring me back and after my return, I was surprised with the party arrangement. However, I remember the photograph as that was the only photograph of mine on that day. I, in fact, did not have the chance to have more photos as there were more other people. The medium-sized lawn before the house was filled with guests and everyone blessed me heartily on the day. When I saw the photograph in the current time, I was thrilled greatly.





IELTS Speaking Part 3: Details Discussion

Follow-up Questions:

  • What do you think about ‘Photography’ as a career?
  • What makes a good photograph?
  • What are the improvements latest technologies has brought in photography?
  • How often do you take photographs?


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