IELTS Cue Card 104: Describe A Child You Are Familiar With

Describe A Child You Are Familiar With

IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Sample Answer. Describe A Child You Are Familiar With. IELTS Speaking Part 2 With Model Answer. Also Sample answer for Part 3 discussion.

Describe A Child You Are Familiar With

You should say:

  • His or her name
  • how old he/ she is
  • What his/ her hobby is

and explain what you think of the child.

Model Answer:

I want to tell you something about my neighbor’s boy. He is about eight years old now, and he is studying at a primary school. When he was about four years old, he began to learn to play the piano, and he spent a lot of time on that every day. Last year, he won a national prize for playing the piano, which gives him more motivation in practice. He also likes to play with his friends. His parents want him to have more opportunities to enjoy his childhood. On weekends. the little boy is encouraged to invite his classmates or neighbors to come. They can enjoy the games that they like. Besides, the little boy is also very polite. Whenever he meets us, he says hello to us first and holds the door for us. When I visit his home. he offers me some fruits and snacks. He will not have snacks until those who are older have taken their share. | always see him in the lift. and he greets me with a lovely smile. He tells me something interesting about what has happened. He is really cute.


The child is crazy about playing games. and he also has a lot of toys. Sometimes, he will tell stories to you.


IELTS Speaking Part 3 Question and Sample Answer:

Who are luckier. children in the past or at present?

Children at present are luckier. They have many toys to play with. and they have great care from parents and grandparents. Their material life is full.

What’s the influence of pressure brought to children by their schools and parents?

Sometimes, pressure coming from adult affects children’s happiness. They are going to hate study if their parents always compare them with other children.

What do you think of the education in primary schools in China?

Primary education in China is better than in other countries for children can lay a solid foundation. After they graduate, they can study well in middle school.

What problems are there?

There‘s great gap between primary schools in the countryside and in the cities. Students will receive better education in the cities.

What’s the improvement in education in the past years?

Teachers not only pay attention to knowledge but also to practice. Students can learn all kinds of practical skills.

What did you like when you were a Child?

At that time, I was a very quiet boy. My greatest interest was to play games with my classmates.

How can parents educate their children?

Besides telling children regulations. parents should be their children’s examples. They should set aside some time to communicate with them.

What’s the difference between Chinese children and western children?

Chinese children study hard thus they have good foundation of knowledge while western children are more independent, and they are good at imagination as well.

What’s the difference between western parents and Chinese parents?

Western parents tend to treat their children like friends. and they try to reason with their children. Children feel respected. Chinese parents always want to be authoritative in front of their children.

Do you think that young people should have more freedom?

Yes. Young people in China are controlled by their parents, and they should be free to make decisions for themselves.

Do you think that parents care too much about children’s education?

Chinese parents want their children to be the best among the peers and they spend much money sending children to learn different skills like dancing, singing or painting. I think they care too much about children’s education


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