How To Solve Summary Completion In IELTS Reading

Summary Completion in IELTS Reading Passage

Step by step method to solve Summary Completion With or Without Clues. I think this article will help you to understand how to solve summary completion question in IELTS Reading Test.

Summary Completion in IELTS Reading

General Ideas of Summary Completion

  • Maintain serial in the passage.
  • But if there is Clue and all clue mark by A, B, C, D etc. then this summary may break Serial in the passage.
  • Summary mainly two types –
    1. Full Summary: Generally answer location can be anywhere in the passage.
    2. Partial Summary: Answer location can be found in a specific paragraph (in general 1/2 para).
  • How to know Partial Summary:
    1. If “Partial” word in the Summary Instruction.
    2. If there is a “Headline” for Summary.
    3. If the first question of the passage is not summary question.
    4. If the summary contain only few questions.
  • If there is any Clue in the Summary, don’t read it first,

Summary Completion IELTS Reading


How to solve Summary Completion

Step 1. First, read the first 2 questions. 

Step 2. Underline or Mark the Keywords, Subject, Verb of the questions, try to get the idea of the questions. Try to anticipate answer.

Step 3: Now, got to passage and find the location two questions by Scan or Skim Through process.

Step 4: After locating in the passage try to understand ideas related to the question. Match the information with questions. Keep eyes on Synonyms and Paraphrase.

Step 5. Pick up Right Word for the blank, and check the word grammatically correct or not. Does this word match with the whole meaning of the question’s meaning.


Now Practice More Summary Completion Questions

  • Cambridge IELTS 10: p52, 94


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