How To Solve List of Heading in IELTS Reading Module

IELTS Reading List of Heading

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List of Heading in IELTS Reading Passage


Choosing headings for paragraphs or sections of a text. Questions require you to sum up the meaning of a paragraph in order to match it to a bank of possible headings. You may be asked to match every paragraph or section of the text or just a selection of paragraphs.



IELTS Reading List of Heading Matching


Basic information about Choosing Heading

  • One heading only use for each paragraph.
  • Don’t read Heading list first to solve the questions
  • If there is an Example given then read the Heading of the given Example, and Mark it in the list so that you don’t read it again to find the answer of other Heading Matching Questions.
  • Each paragraph will come up with 1 or 2 new ideas/information, so find those New Topic/Idea to find the Heading of the Paragraph.


How to solve Heading Matching Question

Step 1.  First, read the instructions.  Make sure you know which paragraphs or sections you need to find the heading.

Step 2.  Read the first 2-3 lines of the paragraph and try to sum up, in your own words, underline the main ideas, what it is about.

Step 3.  Then search through the list of headings for the best answer. Careful about Synonyms/Paraphrase. Use POE (Process of Elimination).

Step 4.  If no heading from the list match with the paragraph information, then read 2 more lines of that paragraph and follow the same process to till you match the heading. This process is called ‘2+2+2’ Theory.


  • Make sure the heading you have chosen sums up the entire paragraph and not just one idea within it.
  • If there is any words like – ‘But, However, Nevertheless’ etc. then you should emphasize on that sentence.
  • If the paragraph is short then read whole paragraph.



Practice Test: Do the following matching questions.


Enjoy Solving IELTS Reading Questions List of Heading.



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