How To Solve IELTS Reading Multiple Choice Question

IELTS Reading Multiple Choice How To Solve

Multiple Choice Question in IELTS Reading.  Here is step by step process How To Solve Multiple Choice with Tips and Tricks. These questions you may be given the start of a sentence which you have to complete with one out of four choices. Or you may be presented with a question and asked to find two, three or four items in a list of answers. Download IELTS Preparation Materials.

IELTS Multiple Choice Reading Questions Tips

  • Maintain Serial
  • Read the question carefully, understand what is it about.
  • Avoid Trap in Option:
    1. Statement in the question can be directly opposite with the information in the passage
    2. Use of wrong comparison
    3. Use of irrelevant information
  • Location of the answer can be found anywhere in the Passage
  • Use of synonyms and paraphrase .
  • Don’t read the option first.
  • Use POE (Process of Elimination) to get the correct answer.
  • Use Keywords, Name, Date/Years to Scan in the passage.



How to solve ielts reading multiple choice question DxSchool


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How to Solve Multiple Choice Questions

Step 1: Read two questions at a time. Mark Keywords.  Don’t read option this time.

Step 2. Get the main idea of the question. If there is any Preposition or Verb  at the end of the question, try to emphasis on them.

Step 3: Now, got to passage and find the location by Scan or Skim Through process.

Step 4: After locating in the passage try to get 2-3 ideas related to the question.

Step 5: Go back to the options and match with your 2-3 ideas.  Use POE to the Right Answer.



IELTS Reading Multiple Choice How To Solve

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