How To Solve Completing Sentence With Correct Ending in IELTS Reading


How to solve Completing Sentence With Correct Ending in IELTS reading section Step By Step Solution. Now, this article will help you to choose the right answer for Completing Sentence With Correct Ending in IELTS reading test.


How to recognize Completing Sentence With Correct Ending

  • Simply there will be information like –  “Complete each sentence with correct ending” in the instruction of the questions.

Sentence Completion




Characteristics of Completing Sentence With Correct Ending


  • Maintain Serial in the Passage
  • Answer location can be anywhere in the passage
  • There will be Trap in Options



How To Solve Completing Sentence With Correct Ending


Step 1. First read the first 2 questions, don’t read the options first.


Step 2. Underline or mark the keywords/ main points of the questions.   If question ends with Preposition or Verb, try to focus on them.

Complete each sentence with correct ending In IELTS Reading

Step 3: Now, got to passage and find the location by Scan or Skim Through process.

Step 4: After locating in the passage try to get 2-3 ideas related to the question. Mark new information related to question.


Complete Sentence With Correct Ending IELTS Reading

Step 5: Go back to the options and match with your 2-3 ideas.  Careful about Synonyms and Paraphrase.  Use POE to the Right Answer.


Now Practice More Information Matching Questions

  1. Cambridge IELTS 9: P52
  2. Cambridge IELTS 8: P28
  3. Cambridge 7: P52
  4. IELTS Trainer: p113
  5. The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS: p197
  6. Focus on IELTS: p.36, p.66, p.114, p.169
  7. Cambridge IELTS 2: p.8, p.11, p.32, p.78


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