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You need to enrich your GRE Vocabulary in order to master verbal section in GRE, GMAT, or SAT.  Students of GRE, GMAT or SAT spent lots of time to memorize  Vocabulary Lists. Memorizing a bunch of words is not an easy task. GRE Vocabulary list with mnemonics will  help them to reduce their Stress during there exam preparation. Also student can download ‘Word List’ pdf file or apk software which is free of charge.

I recommend you to download pdf file or install software to your phone, that’s all you are half done. You can also print out GRE Word List with Mnemonics pdf file, which will help you to memorize words on absence of your computer or mobile. This post is resourceful with Vocabulary eBook and Software.


  1. 333 Barrons GRE High Frequency Word List
  2. Barron Essential Words For The GRE
  3. GRE Barron Words List
  4. Hit Parade 1-4 Princeton – Link
  5. 1500 Effective Word l  – Link
  6. Barron 800 Essential Words for GRE – Link
  7. Big Book Word List for GRE 307 KB PDF 173 Pages Link
  8. Contextual Vocabulary 36 MB ZIP 4 PDF Files Link
  9. GM Dahars 4000 vocabulary 2 MB PDF 160 Pages Link
  10. GRE Word list 2 MB PDF 190 Pages Link
  11. GRE Words Catagorized 345 KB PDF 137 Pages Link
  12. Word List, Grouped 54 KB PDF 3 Pages Link
  13. New Barron’s 333 High Frequency Words 5 MB PDF 13 Pages Link
  14. Princeton Word Smart for GRE 10 MB PDF 189 Pages Link
  15. Top 50 GRE words (Uncategorized) 53 KB PDF 2 Pages Link
  16. Vocabulary, High Frequency (Uncategorized) 141 MB PDF 18 Pages Link
  17. Word Map Version-2.0 24 MB PDF 768 Pages Link
  18. Barron’s Classical 3500 Word List 1 MB PDF 124 Pages Link
  19. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis 90 MB PDF 272 Pages Link
  20. Major Test Wordlist L,M,N,O(meaning+mnemonic+example) – Link
  21. Manhattan GRE Advanced and Essential Combo Word list – Link
  22. GRE Treacherous words from VocaBuilder – Link
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  25. Magoosh GRE Word List – Link
  26. List of 100 frequent words that appear in GRE – Link
  27. Kaplan GRE 400 Favourite Words – Link
GRE Vocabulary Audio List
  • File 1-3 83 MB ZIP Audio Set of MP3 Files Link
  • File 4-6 125 MB ZIP Audio Set of MP3 Files Link
  • File 7-9 49 MB ZIP Audio Set of MP3 Files Link
  • File 10-12 133 MB ZIP Audio Set of MP3 Files Link


Barron’s GRE Vocabulary List with Mnemonics

Barron’s GRE Vocabulary eBook is Highly Recommend for every students who are preparing for GRE, GMAT, SAT or any other tests.

Easy and Funny Mnemonics added in this Book which will help you to memorize more words then before.  Trust me it will help you more.

Example GRE Vocabulary with Mnemonics from pdf Book:

1. Grill: question severely.

Mnemonic: Grill is really hot. Remember grilling means to bother someone a lot. here it is asking question severely

2. Grimace :: a facial distortion to show feeling such as pain, disgust, etc.

Mnemonic: sounds like himeshrehsamiya..who’s songs are such that he always sings with facial distortions symbolizing pain and anguish.

Download Link:

Barron’s GRE Vocabulary List with Mnemonics

Kaplan’s 400 Favorite Words: GRE Vocabulary List


Kaplan 400 Favorite Words

400 of the GRE’s Favorite Words with definition stats with the word “Abdicate” and ends with the word “Zenith”.  GRE Vocabulary List workout will help you some new words. After finishing Princeton Hit Parade you should memorize Kaplan’s 400 GRE Vocabulary.

Download Link:

Kaplan’s GRE 400 Favorite Words

Magoosh GRE Vocabulary eBook

This is another good ebook for memorizing GRE Word List with contests. This eBook is a compilation of the most popular Revised GRE vocabulary word list posts from the Magoosh GRE blog. We have found that students learn vocabulary best when the words are presented in a fun, creative, and intelligent way: we have done our best to assemble interesting lists to help you absorb the words in a way that will stick with you so that you’re as prepared as possible on the day of your exam.

Magoosh GRE Vocabulary

Example of GRE Vocabulary List  fromMagooshebook

Blinkered (adj.): If you blink a lot you are likely to miss something. Indeed, your view would be very limited. Extending this meaning, we get the definition of blinkered: means to have a limited outlook or understanding.

The true etymology of the word actually comes from the blinkers that are put on racing horses to prevent them from becoming distracted.

In gambling, the addict is easily blinkered by past successes and/or past failures, forgetting that the outcome of any one game is independent of the games that preceded it.

Download Link: GRE Vocabulary List Guide

Barron’s 800 Essential Words For GRE

Enriching vocabulary is a prerequisite for success on the GRE Test. Barron’s Revised GRE manual presents 800 college, graduate level words with definitions that frequently appear on the exam.

Key features:

  • An overview of the Verbal Reasoning question types found on the GR.
  • Matching and sentence completion exercises for all word lists.
  • An analysis of essential word roots.

Download Link for Barron’s 800 GRE Words:

Barron’s Favorite 800 GRE Words

Barron’s GRE Word List

I will suggest you avoid such huse words store house. In old version of Barron’s GRE book, there were 3500 words within 50 word lists. For  Revised GRE, they published a book named “Barron’s New GRE Vocabulary”. This book contains 3126 words.  This is not a good resources to learn words. If you still want to learn “Barron’s GRE Word Lists” you can download from given link.

Download Barron’s GRE Word Lists

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