Grammar Survival: A Teacher’s Toolkit


Grammar Survival: A Teacher’s Toolkit . Best GRAMMAR Materials and Practice Book for Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Get GRAMMAR Materials , Tips, Tricks. Practice more and boost your score.

Grammar Survival: A Teacher's Toolkit

Grammar Survival: A Teacher’s Toolkit

Is teaching grammar an uphill struggle? Do you find teaching complex sentences or comma use a daunting prospect?

Focusing on what you need to know in the classroom, Grammar Survival provides you with the essential knowledge and tools you’ll need to teach grammar effectively. This second edition has been updated and restructured to reflect the revised Framework for English, and ten new sections have been added including how to generate ideas, develop viewpoints, improve vocabulary, teach spelling and build reading skills. This book includes:

o over forty separate grammar topics including theory and practice

o clear examples throughout

o teaching hints and ideas for the classroom

o practical suggestions for homework.

Entertaining and practical, this book is ideal for busy newly qualified and practising teachers looking to improve both their pupils’ and their own understanding of grammar.

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