Free IELTS Online Practice Tests

Free IELTS Online Practice Tests

IELTS Practice Tests is very important for improving Your IELTS Score. Here is a List of Websites where you can take Free IELTS Online Practice Tests For Both Academic and General Training (GT). You can also Download IELTS Practice Tests, Books, Audio CD, Other IELTS Preparation Materials.



The IELTS practice tests in this section offer you the opportunity to

  • get to know the test format
  • experience the types of tasks you will be asked to undertake
  • test yourself under timed conditions
  • review your answers and compare them with model answers




IELTS Latest Listening Test Online / Offline

These test are like real actual test. So practice them first. You can also take individual Section test too.

Section 1,   Section 2,  Section 3, and  Section 4




IELTS Listening Practice Test 1-6



IELTS Practice Test Free Links


#  Download IELTS Simulation Tests

#  IELTS Resource Pack – Book + CD

  1. A Full IELTS Online Practice Test by CambridgeEnglish
  2. IELTS Online Free Practice Tests by Road to IELTS
  3. IELTS Free Online Practice Tests by EsolCourses
  4. Free IELTS Practice Test by BritishCouncil
  5. IELTS Practice Test by IELTS.Org
  6. IELTS Free Practice Tests Online by
  7. Free IELTS Practice Test by CanadaVisa
  8. IELTS Online Practice Test by IELTS-Exam
  9. IELTS Online Practice Tests by ExamEnglish
  10. Online IELTS Practice Tests by IELTSforFree
  11. 19 IELTS Sample Practice Test by IELTShelpNow
  12. IELTS Practice Test With Answer Key by Rehman Naveed.pdf (No Audio-CD)

 IELTS Practice Test For GT

Download All IELTS Practice Materials

Download IELTS Reading Practice Test

More Reading Practice

Download IELTS Writing Practice Test For AC

IELTS Writing Essay Sample

Download IELTS Listening Practice Test

13 Free IELTS Online Practice Tests –

Online IELTS Practice Material

IELTS Exam Preparation Practice Material

Free IELTS Preparation Practice Material

IELTS Free Practice Material

IELTS Free Online Practice Material

IELTS Preparation Practice Material

IELTS Preparation Practice Material

IELTS Preparation Practice Material

IELTS Preparation Practice Material

Free IELTS  Material

IELTS Preparation Practice Material

Free IELTS Preparation Material

IELTS Free Preparation Practice Material



More IELTS Practice tests:

Extra IELTS Free Practice Tests

* Listening Test 1 Full Listening Test

* Listening Test 2

Part One ,   Part Two,  Part Three,  Part Four

* Listening Test 3

Part One,  Part Two, Part Three, Part Four 



Please Let us know if any link doesn’t work. Enjoy IELTS Practice Test for Free of Cost.

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  1. There is no doubt that it’s a really helpful site….Thank you so much for your contribution! I’m facing a problem that I couldn’t find the audio files of listening practice test 1-16! The start button didn’t work! I’m really worried about it! Can you please help me to getting the audio clips??How can I save or practice these online?

  2. Practice makes a person perfect. Thanks for sharing these online free English test. I had been looking for it for a long time. Going to take this test to test English level. Hope will do well. Last to last month I took test at a site found at but didn’t do well. Since then I have been preparing myself too hard. I am sure gonna kill it this time.