Essential Phonetics For IELTS

Essential Phonetics For IELTS

Essential Phonetics For IELTS with Audio. Best IELTS Preparation Materials and Practice Book for Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Get IELTS Materials , Tips, Tricks. Practice more and boost your score.



Essential Phonetics For IELTS


Essential Phonetics for IELTS consists of six articles focused presentation of the basics of phonetics and intonation in English. The exercises are designed note is both exciting applications just help students acquire quick and easy to use. The relevant content and the relatively long exercise identifiable reference will be added to the annex behind the book.
To offer highly effective in improving pronunciation and intonation, in addition to training curriculum of Essential Phonetics for IELTS, students can hone in accordance with the practice of singing English songs or listen to the file short news items and reports in English …


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