Education in Developing Countries: Problems, Solution


IELTS Writing Task 2 – Education in Developing Countries: Problems, Solution.  IELTS  Writing Ideas,  Tips, Tricks. Write your own essay with best ideas. IELTS Writing Task 2 -Sample Answer Ideas.

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Education in Developing Countries – Ideas For IELTS Writing Task 2


Education in Developing Countries: Problems

  • Children often have to work from an early age
  • There are no schools in many areas
  • Families do not have access to books or computers
  • Literacy rates are often low
  • People in developing countries need knowledge and skills
  • Education is the key to improving the economy of these countries


Education in developing countries: Solutions

  • Developed countries could help developing nations by providing money
  • They could invest in schools and technology
  • They could supply the funds to build schools and pay for teachers
  • Children need to have access to free schooling
  • Computer equipment could be donated
  • The Internet can expose students to a world of knowledge and information
  • Governments should make education compulsory for all children
  • They should encourage parents to send their children to school
  • Governments of developed and developing countries must work together


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