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Top 5 English To English Dictionary –

Top 5 English To English Android Dictionary Full Version .Apk



Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 4th Edition CD-ROM

Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary

Cambridge Advance Learners Dictionary 3rd Edition

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 4th Edition CD-ROM

Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary

Children’s Picture Dictionary

Children’s Picture Dictionary Workbook 1

Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary

Collocation Dictionary SWF Exercises

Concise Oxford English Dictionary 11th Edition (CD-ROM)



Dictionary of Leisure, Travel and Tourism – 3rd Edition

Dictionary of Semiotics

Dictionary of Word Origins



 Easier English Basic Synonyms




Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5th Edition

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English – Audio Edition (Android)

Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics – 4th Edition

Longman Photo Dictionary of American English

Longman Photo Dictionary British English 3rd Edition



Merriam-Webster’s 11th Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus v.3.0 Deluxe Audio Edition


Merriam Websters Dictionary of English Usage

Merriam Webster Unabridge Dictionary (Android)



Offline dictionaries pro (Android

Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary (Android)

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 8th Edition (CD ROM)

Oxford Business English Dictionary NEW (CD-ROM)

Oxford Collocation Dictionary SWF Exercises

Oxford Dictionary of English Pro (Android)

Oxford Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus: A dictionary of synonyms

Oxford Picture Dictionary (Monolingual English)



Phrasal Verb Organiser

Picture Dictionary – The Nelson Picture Dictionary

Portable Concise Oxford Dictionary 11th Edition



Right Word Wrong Word




The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English

The Dictionary of Do’s and Dont’s

The Free Dictionary: Dictionary Pro (Android)

The Heinle Picture Dictionary (Book + Audio-CD)

The Hutchinson Dictionary of Word Origins

The Nelson Picture Dictionary

The Primary English Encyclopedia: The Heart of the Curriculum, Third Edition 




Word by Word Picture Dictionary

Words You Should Know How to Spell – An A to Z Guide to Perfect Spelling

WordWeb Audio Dictionary (Android)

WordWeb Latest Version 7.02 with Audio (pc/mac)