Cambridge IELTS 11: Test 1 – Reading Passage 3 Solution

Reducing the Effects of Climate Change Cambridge IELTS 11 Reading Test 1

Cambridge IELTS solution Reducing the Effects of Climate Change with answer explanationCambridge IELTS 11, Test 1 – Reading Passage 3  Step by Step Solution. IELTS reading passage solution, tips and tricks with answer key.



Reducing the Effects of Climate Change

Mark Rowe reports on the increasingly ambitious geo-engineering projects  being explored by scientists


Section 3: Questions 27-29

Reading Passage 3 has eight paragraphs A-H

Which paragraph contains the following information?

Write the correct letter, A-H, in boxes 27-29 on your answer sheet.


27. D. (P3, L1-5) The concept —- turn, lead to aglobal dimming. The idea is modelled on historic volcanic explosions (earlier natural phenomenon),  Philippines in 1991–. 
28. B.  (P2, L1-3) Geo-engineering; has been shown to work,  disperse clouds (successful use).
29. A.  (P1, L6-8) geo-engineering a term which generally refers to the intentional large-scale manipulation of the environment.



Questions 30-36

Complete the table below.

Choose ONE WORD from the passage for each answer. Write your answers in boxes 30-36 on your answer sheet.


30. sunshade. (P2, L6-7)  to form a transparent, sunlight-refracting sunshade in an orbit –.
31. iron. (P3, L1-3) — depositing iron in the ocean (Sea) to stimulate–.
32. algae. (P3, L1-3) — to stimulate (encourage) the growth (to form) of algae –. 
33. clouds. (P4, L1-5)  — that sulphur dioxide would form (create) clouds, which would, in turn, lead to aglobal dimming (reduce light).                                                                34. cables. (P4, L5-7) Greenland with reinforced (fixed high-tension cables, preventing icebergs from moving into the sea.
35. snow. (P4, L8-10) Whereas —–, thus enabling (allow) radiation to be reflected by the snow.
36. rivers. (P4, L10-13) Re-routing (changing direction) Russian rivers  to —-, say some climate scientists



Questions 37-40

Look at the following statements (Questions 37-40) and the list of scientists below.

Match each statement with the correct scientist, A-D.

Write the correct letter, A-D, in boxes 37-40 on your answer sheet.
37. B. (P5, L3-7)  And Dr Phil Rasch —— then the planet would return to its pre-engineered condition very rapidly, –.
38. D. (P8, L4-7) According to Dr Martin Sommerkorn,  we shouldn’t exclude thinking thoroughly about this topic and its possibilities.
39. C. (P3, L5-7) Lunt says, — project would have to operate at half strength (set limitation);
40. A. (P5, L2-3) Angel says that his plan is no substitute for developing renewable energy: the only permanent solution’







Cambridge IELTS Keywords and Phrases in the Passage





Cambridge IELTS Vocabulary and Phrases



Cambridge IELTS 11 Reading Practice Test 1 Answer Key

1. tomatoes 21. clamp
2. urban centres/centers 22. axle
3. energy 23. cogs
4. fossil fuel 24. aqueduct
5. artificial 25. wall
6. (stacked) trays 26. locks
7. (urban) rooftops 27. D
8. NOT GIVEN 28. B
9. TRUE 29. A
10. FALSE 30. sunshade
11. TRUE 31. iron
12. FALSE 32. algae
13. TRUE 33. clouds
14. FALSE 34. cables
15. NOT GIVEN 35. snow
16. TRUE 36. rivers
17. NOT GIVEN 37. B
18. FALSE 38. D
19. TRUE 39. C
20. gates 40. A




How To Solve IELTS Reading Passage

  1. List of Heading
  2. Multiple Choice Question
  3. Yes, No, Not Given
  4. Short Answer Question
  5. Factor Matching
  6. Classification
  7. Summery Completion
  8. Information Matching



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