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GRE Vocabulary Builder: Painless GRE Apk. GRE Vocabulary List learning will be funny if your have Painless GRE apk soft. It has brilliant algorithm, best word list, different word ratio for old and new words to review old words while learning new, impressive random list, gave me feeling that 3500 is not an onerous figure. Althouth I find GRE Vocab Builder is number one. You can Check it now.


GRE Vocabuilder : Painless GRE

By Philip Nguyen

Short Description:

Memorize GRE words in a painless and efficient way with spaced repetition.

Updated: December 20, 2013

Price: Free

Size: 26M

Current Version: 0.2.4

Requires Android: 1.6 and up


Learn GRE Vocab  with Fun Key Features:

  • Most common GRE words with examples.
  • Huge exercises (word->definition, definition->word, sentence completion, etc.)
  • Traditional word cards.
  • Word list supporting searches by titles and definitions.
  • Keeping track of learning progress.
  •  Offline pronunciation.

N.B.: You can manually mark a word as ‘mastered’ by long tapping on it in the word list. A mastered word will still show up in rare occasions.

 GRE Vocab Painless GRE Review:

1.  A S MdFerdousulHaqueVery helpful This app helped me to learn new words by playing games. I recommend this app to all my friends want to appear at gre.

2. ManishaThakkarSuperb. Really helpful app, i love using it, expands your vocabulary and pushes it up another notch. Would be even more amazing if it expands the app and adds verbal reasoning questions related to GRE.

 Download Painless GRE 



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