A Solution To Score 8.0 In IELTS Writing

A Solution To Score 8.0 In IELTS Writing

A Solution To Score 8.0 In IELTS Writing (Academic and General Training). Best IELTS Preparation Materials and Practice Book for  Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Get IELTS Materials , tips, tricks.


A Solution To Score 8.0 In IELTS Writing Book

A Solution To Score 8.0 In IELTS Writing. Building upon my experience as an IELTS writing teacher and professional writer, I collected abundant writing materials authentic from test centers and other media. This book is the result of a combination of two years of teaching experience and the research of IELTS writing skills, built upon equally as many hours creating original writing samples to students preparing to take their IELTS test. This book has been developed to be used in the classroom and for self-study.
The book covers both the General Training and Academic test. Using a step-by-step approach, a detailed explanation of how to approach writing in IELTS is given, with each unit concentrating on one particular aspect of the writing test. The exercises are designed to teach the required skills, focusing on practical application of knowledge. Model answers are also included for students to compare their own writing against, thereby gradually guiding students in wring articles that fully meet the requirements of the IELTS writing test in every aspect.
The materials in this book are all authentic, keeping the original style and content. The book is very helpful for the students who are planning to take the IELTS test. The book also gives a prediction of the IELTS in 2003. covering any possible topics which are commonly seen in the test.

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